The Danger of Promoting Stories Like This

There have been a few of these now. One was posted in the pub, then I happened to be googling something else and this popped up. We need fewer stories of people risking their entire net-worth and more stories of DCAing/smart investing like our boy teaches.

Not all press is good. Imagine someone coming across this article at the end of December and putting their life savings into Crypto. Only to exit broke, bewildered, and swearing off crypto forever. Imagine this business insider story except the kid took his 12k to the casino and just kept letting it ride on Roulette? Does that seem like responsible investing?

I am sure we will see more of these so if you are talking with your friends about Crypto be sure to either send them to the pub to learn first or at least have them DCA. Seems like there were quite a few in the pub considering making emotional decisions on this last dump cause they bought in so high. Imagine if they didn’t have the pub as a support line. yeessh.


I interviewed him in my other office a while back.


I will watch it later today. Then chastise you if you promote this behavior :rofl::grin::explopants6:

That old office if cool


I’m sorry, if people put their life savings into cryptos, they are not financially responsible to themselves and their families. More often than not, they are spoiled by success stories of folks making huge gains and/or instant millionaires. But volatility works both ways; if people are willing to be instant millionaires, they should also be willing to face the possibility of instant wipeout. This is why I like the market correction we are experiencing - shake off weak and greedy hands!


Great point. I want to see the news promoting stories of people who lost huge sums in crypto. Probably start with XRP buyers at 3 bucks, lol.


Totally agree, for it to be widely accepted, people need to be shown both the pros and cons, the more educated people get the more confidence will grow.


i mean, we could create a vanity address that folks could donate to. that would be neat.

people could see the addresses on the blockchain and how much.





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No worries mate.

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Well, if you think about it…most advice is something along the lines of “only invest money you can lose…” As a teen…whatever savings he probably has; is money he can lose. I’m sure he didn’t have bills to pay, rent, mortgage, etc.

He’s also very young, so if he did lose it all…it’s not a HUGE setback to his future. S


Watching the interview right now.
Smart guy.

Well, he still has his passion for diagnosing overbites, occlusions, misaligned teeth and jaws, and overcrowded mouths.


I watched this interview when you first posted it here, I wish I had more time so I could go back and watch more of your older content.

I have to admit, I was really skeptical about someone so young making so much money so quickly…But he really seems to have a good head on his shoulders, he must have some good parents looking out for him.

I wish kids like him the best, it’s inspiring to see youngin’s like him.


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