The end of ASIC ? really?


here’s the tweet a saw today and it get my attention :

we all know that Digibyte is the only coin using 5 different Algo with a real time Difficulty adjustment witch make it EXTREMELY hard if not, a 51% attack proof, but having an algo that change every 10 days could be the game changer ???

after some researches i found also this under the Digibyte Github :

i wanted to share this with you, and get your feed back too, i am big fan of DGB and this make me more fan of it :rofl::rofl:


This was coming. It’s nice to see new opportunities arise!


I am officially the Pub Digibyte man now hahahaha and by the way @peter in watched your dctv clip about Digibyte like 20 times and a lot of changes and improvements from Digibyte side happen, I’ll try to share the information in the altcoin section. Cheers


Hey blessed @Heb happy to see you brotha!


Hey @kimchi my man your video dancing was amazing yesterday :man_dancing:


Thank you blessed @Heb


So, is anyone here using an ASIC miner like an Antminer S9 to mine Digibyte or BCH as opposed to bitcoin?