The EU has voted in favour for the “meme killer” 😢


Don’t know if anyone has heard about this so I’ll leave a link which goes into it more in depth.

Im actually glad we are leaving the EU. Once they have an agenda they will just force it through.
Anyway, what’s the best way to deal with this? Make memes about it…




I love the reactions to this :joy:






Is it just me, or all of these politicians bunch of corrupt turds? :pepe:


No you are 100% correct :upside_down_face:


The EU is and always will be a failing union run by bureaucrats who aren’t even elected. Ever since Brexit their bully tactics and true colours have been on show. Hopefully more nations follow our example and opt out of this farce.



Anyone got anymore memes about this?



That’s legit bro. That’s so crazy I can’t believe they voted through


I can, the EU isn’t run for the interests of normal Europeans :confused: