The Florida Bitcoin Pub Meetup!



alright yall, it is time. we are going to put together a meetup in Orlando FL. this will happen before the the Atlanta meetup.
@itsmee.bosslady and I will be working on coordinating the exact date / time /place but we are thinking September.

please respond if you are interested.

EDIT: just to sweeten the pot, all patreon members who attend will be eligible to enter a lottery in which i will give away 2 free multi park passes to Universal Studios / Islands of Adventure.


Moving to EVENTS thread.
Give us details as it progresses and update thread title etc when it gets firm!


Ah damn! Why couldn’t you do this a few months earlier when I was there! Once this pulls off great then maybe we can create an annual schedule and I can fly over next year.


I was hoping since I am on the vacation here i Florida until the 6th of August that that the Florida Meetup could to take place in the time frame. I am really excited to meet many of you that I feel like I know a little bit off already.


oh you are only on vacation? i thought you were moving here?


I might in a year or two. Im thinking hard about that


Nicee! Good times ahead