The greatest transaction ever!

It was almost 10 years ago, the greatest purchase ever known to mankind took place. A man by the name of Laszlo Hanyecz used 10,000 Btc to purchase two poppa john pizzas. Fast forward 10 years and many will call it the worst purchase of all time. Why? , because the Bitcoin used to purchase the pizzas back then would almost be worth 10 million$ today. I would like to start my opinion off by stating why I personally believe there will never be a purchase more important than this one. It was at that moment Bitcoin or Frankenstein became Alive!!! This was the transaction heard around the world. This was the call to freedom for the financial world which leads to freedom in the real world. Bitcoin at that moment no longer was a speculative assest, but a peer to peer cash system that neither party needs to ask permission of any centralized entity or any person to transact. Know that it is in the best interest of the Global elite to keep Bitcoin classified as a speculative asset. Although it is not and truly works as its intended purpose and solves all of the financial systems problems. It amazes me how many intelligent people are in the world of crypto but some how price always steals the show. Maybe I assume that everyone involved in cryptos are aware of the corruption and fraud of today’s Gov and banks, since I don’t know,that was basically the name of the first block ever mined, wasn’t it? Obviously some where down the line of sick gains the true purpose of Bitcoin was lost. Now we laugh at the guy and the transaction which should of started the greatest transition this world has ever seen. If you are a true freedom seeker and supporter of Satoshi’s peer to peer cash system than please realize that peer to peer is the only way to win this battle against the tyrants at hand. Peer to peer is truly the way to defeat the corruption. Let’s look at the moment of right now and what is taking place in the atmosphere of crypto. We now have the CME futures which destroyed the price of Bitcoin admittedly by some of our “Leaders”, and now we have an alleged bitcoin settles futures called Bakkt which has the potential to now be a blatant lie directly infront of the entire crypto space. Are we that soft and passive as a people where we no longer react to the criminality of our overlords? Are you not upset with how much they can get away with? Are we gonna just sitback and watch? It always cracks me up when people talk about people having strong and weak hands , well just imagine if your family is starving and you have to finally sell some Btc because of how fucked up the economy is the dollar having no value and you simply just can’t afford to hodl any longer. Other people in the space will say “that person had weak hands” ? How morally low of us SMFH. Everyone will have weak hands execpt the very wealthy when they are forced to sell their Btc at a lower price than what they think it is worth. And now the greatest price surpressing tool ever known (Bakkt) to the crypto space has been created , the nemesis to Frankenstein, created to put Frankenstein back into the grave. I am a warrior of Christ so I never worry , the time has arrived tho , for the warriors to battle!!!


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Just bought 1 with Pure Btc !! :+1:

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Yo! You rock my man! Thank you!

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