The Model of The Bitcoin Pub

Here is a model of the bitcoin pub I was writing about yesterday on — Let me know what do you think and feel about the shape and materials. It is a WIP so drop as many thoughts as you want.

The virtual world is growing very fast and it would be good to have a strategical spot to enjoy the journey. Therefore, I would embed the pub on a public platform like — have you got any suggestions here?

I’m not an expert in coding so technical advice would be good to have if I will manage to set up everything right. At the moment I’m certain that we will have some great artworks for the pub.

Drop some Satoshis if you like it and if you want to speed up the works – Cheers.


cool. it looks sort of like Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum


I did not know about the museum. I hope it gives you good associations.

There is a lot of things to change here and there in the model — I will keep it neutral and original.



This is epic. Man. I let’s make this a reality!


yeah its good associations. it just trips me out. because the first time i ever saw the haunted museum was yesterday and now i see it again here. we live in a freaking simulation man


That is a good coincidence! The physics of human attention let us sometimes experience fractality in time which allows event histories to exchange charge.


I suggest the pub go through a Design Development stage to reflect the Saddington boys Korean/American Heritage like in NYC…I Love this place… the vernacular look a bit like Cape Dutch Architecture, and when done, you can upload it to Google earth and Second life…


i can’t get over how fucking cool this is.


The idea of The Virtual Bitcoin Pub is something that could awesomely bloom our crypto space and put the forum users on the spot of epicness. This place would be the center of fun and the beginning of all the possible stories of a playful character.

I started experimenting with this concept a month ago. The potential value of this undertaking was a driving force for my art-flow. I managed to do a few artworks from the content originally intended for the realization of the VBP – you can see most of the material here.


The form, shapes, colors, and materials I came up for this model could be discussed – all is changeable. Although, this is how – more or less – the pub will look like if I will manage to deploy it on

I’m also thinking about setting up a kickstarter which would help me design the pub with careful consideration of any potential suggestions. This would be an interactive designing process. You could drop an object from a movie or from a game which reflects originality of a certain style and I could then merge ideas and develop something even more unique.

Here is a shot of The Bitcoin Bar. All the elements you can see in the scene besides the shark were designed by me (well – the shark model I took from a website was actually very simple so I reshaped the form and painted the texture). I consider this artwork as concept art for the idea of The Virtual Bitcoin Pub. Technically speaking it would be impossible to stick the trophy heads above the actual bar in the pub because the ceiling in the model is lower than in this scene. Consequently, read this piece as a static visual intro to the realization of the virtual pub.

I choose the trophies randomly and I suspect that there will always be a place for more :smiley: Let’s experiment — there is a lot of space around :wink: I spent a longer bit of time thinking about a new style for wood carvings. I came up with squarish and spiralish notes dancing and fighting here and there :smiley: I still look for an inspiration which would help me summarize cultural heritage regarding design styles and then grab and from what comes next.

I made a poster from the shot in order to give it an effective presence :smiley: The lettering style expresses a universal approach and genuine comprehension. This is a very powerful scene and I hope you like it.


Just posted the pub on my small artstation page :smiley:

Here is a shot of one of the potions from the bar :smiley:


I do CAD and 3D modeling as part of my job, so I certainly respect what you’ve done here. Curious, what programs are you using to model and texture?

Also think it would be cool if the two trophies above the bar were a bull, bear and maybe even a whale. :slight_smile:


Hey! Thank you very much for your appreciation. Bull&Bear … That is an awesome idea! Yeah! :open_mouth: ha ha! But you know what is the deal - right?! We need to go and kill a minotaur and a werebear first :wink: The textures here were made inside the blender or downloaded from the web. I was experimenting with substance painter but the trial ended before I started doing the bar — this is a good software for texturing.


Seriously super cool @Heyam!! :sunglasses: Can’t wait to see more!


(a little info here – The project is in stagnation)


The entire Pub is in stagnation. The other day I saw only 2 people online. :stuck_out_tongue:


me and @peter, probably. :stuck_out_tongue:


lol naw. Just a few of us die hards.

It’s a clear indication of where were at in the market right now. This place will be bumpin’ again soon enough. :wink:

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VR space will bloom as much as you can imagine. I hope to set up the pub for the spatial web very soon.


I have made a new small art piece – I took the idea of the virtual pub and flatten it to a 2d illustration. I cartoonish the artwork a bit with fat strokes and concept brushes to give it a rare look, then I painted in a couple of fire-wood trees and goldish grass to make the pic truly unique. Nextly, I stuck a big morning pink moon in the middle of the blue sky and put up a cool blockchain signature. After that I added some screentones here and there, place some patterns in strategical places, and saturated all with tasty colors.

This would be the main illustration for the idea of the virtual pub no matter if I’m going to actually finish the project or not. It will serve as a good invitation to join our community in any case.


i would love to see you finish it… there’s no rush though! take your time and enjoy the process! love that you’re sharing the progress!