The Purpose of the Pub - The Theory and Praxis



Let’s address a couple of complaints from Pub members in the forum. You guys know I read all. It helps me get a fuller perspective of the moving markets and sentiment. It’s great!

[You should probably start here for context… it’s my manifesto for why I went full time into crypto… career suicide for a brand new life! -]

Ok. Now that’s out of the way. How did the Pub come about?

As an experiment. Could I create a place where people could learn, grow, share, and support one another?

Done. We did it.
Uh oh… the experiment theory became a scaling nightmare.
Technical costs rose.
Thread categories got messy (remember all the alt coin sub threads for you Founders?)
Trolls came.
Growth came.
Etc etc.

Experiments are exactly that. Testing a hypothesis. We ran the experiment. It worked! Now what?
Growing pains.

Did you know that is the amalgamation of many different experiments executed quickly to learn quickly through trial and error and failure?

We built the pub. Then…

You see, the Pub was merely an experiment. Part of our network of properties that we love and enjoy to support.

Will this Pub grow? Certainly!
Will this Pub’s culture change? Certainly!
This will always be a living network that changes over time., however, changes this game. We’re answering the problems people have here on the Pub. We’re giving you the ability to have 100% control over what you read, watch, chat about, etc etc… You’ll have it! You’ll never need to come back to the Pub again!!!.. …

No. The Pub has a special place in my heart. I believe it does too with many. Will the Pub go through growth cycles of awesome-sauce and superior conversation? YES! … Will we go through cycles where it becomes a rah rah rah for a coin? YES! …

As new people join, we will change shape. I hope it can be for the better.

Remember your friendly moderator. These are volunteer jobs.
There’s a lot of sweeping and dusting to do around this place.

Case example: Moderator Onboarding/Offboarding Process

What a great post about onboarding new people to the Pub! But guess what? The author of that post is no longer around. The other moderators he cites are not around either! October!

We even had a moderator interview thread! That’s now dead… Want to Be a MOD?!?! (Interview Here)

Things change…

If you’d like to be a mod, consider it here: How To Become a Community Leader

We have tours of duty… so you’re never feeling like you have to do this forever!: Tours of Duty Overview

This is a self-organization experiment. You know where my heart lies. I’m here to do one thing: To spread the good news of bitcoin and blockchain to the entire world. My attention gets directed to new experiments to enable me to do that to the best of my ability.

I cannot clean up the Pub myself.

If you want this Pub to be tasty and wonderful. Step up. Make it yours.


Has despair kicked in yet? If so leave your stress here
What / where are you today (whatcha working on)?
ICON [ICX] | Discuss Upcoming ICOs, Wallets, dApps, and More

The Pub and all of the other things that we’ve built have followed the time honored tradition of experimentation.

This doesn’t mean an experiment can’t create value… obviously, they can! But experiments exist to test hypotheses and to force learning and growth. Experiments necessarily change.

This also falls in line with the ideals and philosophies of blockchain and decentralization. If you didn’t know, we are in the very beginnings of a grand socio-technological experiment. Some will create wealth out of it while others will grow as people and as professionals. Some will do all of the above. Some will observe but not participate.

Our hope and goal has always been to get more people on the :rocket:.


it almost feels like the stuff that you guys say fall on deaf ears… Surprised I’m reading this right now. Continue your work Peter and John. Thank you for the work!


I agree with your post 100% Peter. Let me speak my mind revolving this whole debacle. I believe a lot of the things said by other members who are frustrated are blown out of proportion. We’re all smart, so let’s discuss things in a manner that’s logical instead of emotional, because this way of thinking will lead to frustration. This is still the best crypto community (at least in my opinion) which is why I’ve been here for so long and plan to transition to wherever the future leads us. I visit Reddit everyday as well as many other crypto sites to expand my knowledge on the broader picture revolving cryptocurrency and blockchain. Let me tell you that this place is the complete opposite. I’ve never seen people so willing to help others out that they don’t even know in a tight packed community. Many people have generated wealth, created business, friendships, and even more from this one website.

The frustration is understandable. We’re all new to this market whether you’ve been around since 2009 or yesterday. We’re all willing to learn and are so excited about these awesome pieces of technology, but as the markets go up and down, people come and go. When this place was first created, there was so much excitement. Lot’s of speculative investments, people finding different ways to make money via technical analysis, and even full blown blog-like posts explaining how others can achieve success similar to their own. Seeing a bull market where everyone on here was making money with different alts, to the China FUD where everything dropped, then finally seeing Bitcoin seeing $20K were the times of this forums growth. These were the moments where we encouraged each other to make the best and most informed decisions to succeed together. Let’s try to keep having these moments.

Right now, the pub is filled with the true holders. Those who believe in the technology, and are diligent investors who make smart decisions. We are very aware that that there are pump and dump groups or chat rooms with only the best most technical analysis input. While I personally encourage people to soak up knowledge wherever possible, the pub isn’t that “one thing only” type of place. It’s a community or even family of members that want to help others succeed. There will be trolls, there will be times of frustration and infighting, but these are the things that help us grow. Even if you start new communities or join them, you will end up in the same conundrums that we experience here. Nothing is immune to times of change, and growing pains will be had, but one thing I know for certain is this. The members here for the long haul, who go through all of those moments of doubt, will end up the smartest and most informed investors that will change lives around the world.

With that being said, respect what’s given to you. I appreciate everyone’s input on the forum, and I really mean it, but the personal attacks against this place as a whole isn’t necessary. We’re all here to grow and learn no matter what trouble comes across the table, and if you don’t like how things work around here, feel free to leave and start something else. It’s crucial to remember the critical things. John didn’t have to create this place at all, or Peter could have kept all of his calls to and information to himself, so I think it’s really important to reflect back and appreciate the opportunity to consume the resources that have from 2017 and onward. Get along, have fun, and let’s all work on creating wealth and educating ourselves for the brightest future imaginable.


Been part of the pub since day one and it’s true that the level of conversation has gone down last few months as extremists on both sides have become desperate and irritable. I remember early on the goal was to be a better community than reddit but lately it feels too similar. Is the conversation deeper on Patreon threads? Used to be a patron but decided to cancel all my credit cards for personal reasons haha. Maybe I’ll use my girlfriends to get back on board soon :wink:

To be honest what I miss the most about the old pub days are the casual bitesize bitcoin streams. I really think it was what was keeping the community together but I understand it’s not sustainable since Youtube doesn’t let you monetize it. Excited to see what will look like!


This place helped me change my life around. I had bitcoin for a fair bit of time but I spent it on the wrong things. Going out most weekends and all the rest that comes with it.

This place and the B90x programme helped me change my mindset completely! I bet that this place has changed so many other lives. I’ll support you guys anywhere I can, which reminds me I really need to get my card unblocked and renew my patron membership!


They were also drag.
There must be a business.
Without a business none of this would be here.

If it’s ‘down’ then make it ‘up.’ You have the means and the initiative. Don’t be a downer!


If you want the business to be successful then the founders need to focus on growing the business, and creating products people can use rather than focusing on the few who’d like to get ‘paid’ to help out.

Sounds like you’d like to get paid.
I don’t think you speak for most people when you say that.
This is a public forum.

I won’t argue this more, if you cannot see the larger picture here, maybe it’s time to move on. There is always reddit.

I believe @Genesis gets this at a deeper level than most. He’ll get his dues… trust me. Like everyone will.


Does the pub even gerate enough money to pay people?
It’s a forum at the end of the day, if people want to help out and get involved then that’s up to them.


Honestly, I wish I had more time to donate to the pub. I get on here and read as often as I possibly can. If I had the time, yes, I would love to be an unpaid mod. This place is to help others. It is to serve. Not to be served imo.

I spend more time in discord than I do here. Mainly because I like the conversation there and there’s a whole lot less drama. But the learning is here in the pub.


I’m sure people will eventually see some benefits from all the work they have put in, it just takes time. Good things come to those who wait I guess :slightly_smiling_face:




I’m still around. I admittedly don’t read and reply/engage nearly as much as I used to. Some of that is the current culture of the pub. But a lot of it is my change in knowledge level combined with the workload I currently carry on the home front. The conversations tend not to go as deep as they did in the beginning. As an experiment, I’ve tried to draw out more considered responses from these people who just state their lofty opinions with nothing to back 'em. But they don’t change their tune, usually. They just get defensive and/or say, “just look at my history – I’ve been right before, I’m right now.” That’s not a conversation, IMHO.

When a good conversation does start up, like Mike Fishy’s recent thread on writing bots, I join those conversations and ignore the snipers and potential flame wars. To acknowledge acrimony is to concede power. If it gets bad and I see it devolving as it’s happening, I’ll step in and try to moderate to bring a little order to the thread at hand, but I must say John and Genesis and others are almost always a couple steps ahead of me in that area and that’s simply because I’m not displaying the leaderboard on the Pub 24/7 like I used to.

One skill I’ve seen John employ a few times is locking down a thread and moving posts to another thread to avoid duplication of topics. I’d do this one thing more often if I knew how it was done.

Another thing I’ve noticed…with the number of pubsters on the site creating new topics/threads, it’s also hard to spot the good threads. I am typically coming across a great thread 2 or 3 weeks later, rather than as they’re hot topics of the day.

Anyway, these days, it seems when I do step in and say something during a sh*tstorm of a thread, it tends to calm the whole thing down, so perhaps that’s the main value of the original moderators? Who knows. All I know is that I simply will continue to expend the energy (as I always have since day one) that I think best to get the maximum value for myself from this pub. As the great Gordon Gekko said, “Greed is good.”


I have been in loads of forums over 10 years of trading…
I like the pub best…
I dont care whether bitcoin is 3k or 30k…
If i get stateside, I certainly will put time in to meet pub goers…
There is a wealth of knowledge on tap here…OK its not as good as Guiness on tap…but its damn close…and worth staying after hours to keep up to date with all things crypto…
Keep up the great work fellas. :beers:


wow, dont feel so bad for cancelling my patreon now lol. Hope my monthly donation didn’t drag you down too much.


Good points, Sir. We can do a better job cleaning the threads up, reminding users to add tags, merging posts etc… Lets keep the pub differentiated from the rest as the best place to come for the cryptonation.


If it did, we’d first have to cover @peter and my own needs…, which aren’t small. Peter has a family of 4 and I have 5. The revenue would have to be pretty substantial to fully pay for addition folks. We’re working on it though!


this is not exactly written or communicated well, i’ll give you that. what @peter meant was that there were some folks who were taking a lot of our time on things that weren’t essential to helping the pub grow. some self-selected out while others were asked to leave.

pete talked alot about these dynamics:

sometimes you have to assess who the folks are in your network and curate your relationship pool. we’ve had to do this a few times on the pub.


The link is above. If you wanna be a mod, you know can be the change you want to see. Cc @Lance How about you drum up a group of people you’d like to mod with?


Satoshi Nakamoto was a volunteer too. I don’t think he got paid ever.
Maybe the mods can get airdrop coins :slight_smile: