The Purpose of the Pub - The Theory and Praxis



Sad to see posts like this. My experiences here on a whole have been great and can’t thank you all enough for giving me an environment to network and learn off some really knowledgable people. Add to that I’ve made some amazing friends for life.
Emotions have been running high for sure but at the core is a fantastic community :fist:


I obviously missed all the problems - maybe my mind filters them out.

The situation should be simple - P & J are building a community and rocketship - you can choose to be a positive part of that and build value for yourself, or leave them to it while you do whatever is needed for your own prosperity.

Bringing negativity or complaining here can only really have a detrimental effect and distract the cryptonation from its mission.

I’m sure the amazing example being shown by Peeder and Bro should be enough to keep all the good things going, but no-one owns anyone anything here. We’re all responsible for our own lives and success and are lucky to have some ascended players here to enjoy the journey with.

Good vibes - No distractions - Can I get an Amen :slight_smile:


Oh, if we could somehow disappear… :stuck_out_tongue:


But also being blindly positive is just a detrimental. I have seen this happen many times where everyone is so positive about a project they do not do as in depth of research as they should have and this reverses itself on the skeptic also.

Many times on here and out in the world I see people classify skepticism or constructive criticism as negativity and complaining. So people need to be aware there is a large difference between the two and just because one has a differing opinion or outlook doesn’t mean it is negative and complaining.


I really enjoy reading in the Pub. I’m relatively new, and don’t know nearly enough (thus my lack of posts), but have found a plethora of info in here. Became a patron this month, solely because I think what I’ve learned, and the time I’ve spent reading here, warrants peter and John getting paid and help them expand into bigger and better things.


It’s been very interesting reading through this topic.

Maybe it’s because I stick to my category of Mining and Hardware that I don’t see all the trolling and conflict that is going on in other categories. Speaking from my experience moderating the Mining and Hardware section, I would say that it is important to have people within the pub community who are not moderators but active contributors to bettering the pub.

What I mean by this is that there are people in the Mining and Hardware section who are not moderators but, in a HUGE way, help me keep topics on track. Like @nekko said (Who is a big contributor to the Mining and Hardware section, Thank you!) There is a difference in constructive criticism and straight up negativity. We can all have our difference of opinions and that is welcomed here. However, it’s when a member becomes overly aggressive, and unwilling to listen to logic that a moderator will/should step in to reel them in.

The Mining and Hardware section is full of members who want to do nothing but help people with their hardware and provide free support, myself included. We’ve had a few members get outright unruly but with the community of miners in that category, we have reeled them in and helped them see things from our perspective, even if they don’t agree.


True - finding problems is fine - it’s how you communicate them that makes the difference.

Respecting other people and getting out of your own head is all that’s required.

If P & J say “please give us all feedback” that’s also different to just complaining you don’t like things when no-one asked :slight_smile:


True - I think because we all had annoying experiences developing our mining setups, we can empathise when we see someone running into similar problems are trying to understand something - so knowing you can save sometime time and pain (and money) is a good motivator :slight_smile:


I never wanted to get paid for content. i volunteered to do stuff cause i wanted to help people who were new, or who didnt have a strong technology background so they wouldnt lose money or throw it away.

for me i didnt leave, im still here. but i no longer do much content creation because i feel the bulk of the members now arent really interested in it, or it would fall on deaf ears or most likely just get lost in a sea of screaming and shouting


It’s too bad. Maybe trying again is worth it.

Follow my lead. If you’d like.
It can be frustrating to do great work and feel like it’s not appreciated.

Welcome. To. My. World.

I struggle with those feelings all the time!

“Nobody is listening.”
“Nobody cares.”
“Why do I spend so much time repeating myself.”
“Why do I work so hard with no love.”
Etc etc.

You see these are internal thoughts.
I can either whine about not getting love. Or. I can stick to my mission and keep doing how I do because I know it’s helping on board new people.

I do it as best I can, selflessly, as best I can.

Will no one pick up and give me props?
Nope. I shouldn’t expect my hard work to be rewarded.

Just like I teach my children:
Do not expect to be rewarded for doing your job.

Choose your job here at the pub. It’s yours!


The mining section is a great subset… i think mostly because it is seperated from the emotional money/stock aspect of things and is more technical base. more consensus, less bias. the only real emotion/bias is nvidia vs radeon :slight_smile:


Well said! Much better said than me in my post above.


One way around it is the approach I take. I engage in order to learn something new for myself. I ask questions or I share personal experience with one of two goals: 1) help someone who specifically asked or 2) to engage community to learn from others about my own experience.

Seeking appreciation is not really in the cards. It’s nice when it happens, but for the most part, its the engage to learn purpose that yields greatest reward.


Exactly. Engage. Make this a place you want to be instead of outside looking in and just critique.

We are the masters of our own destiny.

Don’t like something? Good.
Do something about it.
Talk is really cheap. :face_vomiting:


I think good content will always stand out. Don’t be afraid to fill in the reply box :smiley:
In my case, I am always interested to read and learn from you guys.
The pub has been a great platform to share knowledge with each other.


It’s sad to see some blaming the pub. It’s hard to comprehend as I fucking love it here. Probably a little too much but seriously I find it hard to put into words how grateful I am for this place.

Long live :heart:


Doing good actually! I spent alot of time in pub and contributed while i was healing from surgery. Healed up and got back to being busy with life. Lots to do, just not much time for pub anymore. If you follow @peter dca strategy not really any need to be ocd with it everyday.

Still hodling and dca BTC. I drop in still from time to time. Hope you’re all well too!


Those early days of live streaming hold a special place in my heart too, nothing like coming up together with the crypto fam!


Ah…I think you are underestimating how much your contribution would be appreciated! I tune out the screaming and shouting…in fact, I’m surprised to hear its happening…I’m that good at tuning it out. :rofl::rofl::rofl: In any case, I am confident that knowledge shared would be appreciated. That is why I am here and I am sure many others. And as I learn and grow, I promise to pay if forward as well! :handshake:


I’m still here, lol. Thanks for everything. The pub is a great place.