The "Put me to Work" / "How Can I Help" Thread


This will be a place for us to coordinate plans of attack on the mountains of work that needs to get done surrounding building the framework for the community of If you’re already on board to the value that yen is going to offer the world, then join the club, we need builders. I promise you will get out what you put into all of this. If you’re willing to work and willing to stay the course, there’s no telling what’s on the other side of that horizon. We’re the pioneers of a new world.

We need people who are ready to put the axe to the grind stone and contribute value in whatever ways they are best at. When masses get unleashed on yen they will do what the masses always do…CONSUME!

How can you help make yen/DCTV/The Pub etc. better and more prepared for this inevitability?

  1. MOST IMPORTANT: Get on the waiting list for if you’re not already! Be patient, you’re time will come sooner than you think.

  2. If you’re currently a beta tester… bug reports, bug reports, bug reports! Software is never perfect and never finished. If you want to directly help contribute to the development of making Yen a better product that YOU would want to use, you can start by making detailed, descriptive explanations of your issues and how to replicate it. Include screenshots for context whenever possible, even if you think its not necessary. Any amplifying information or suggestions on how to fix the problem or improve the user experience are welcome.

  3. Regularly browse through the Github. Not only will this give YOU better perspective on how much work is going into Yen behind the scenes and improvements that are being made, it gives you a working knowledge of the known issues with the product and the discussions going on behind the changes to fix them. This is the place where you can have a direct say in some of the future implementations of Yen and how changes and product design will be executed.

  4. Build a product. You need to get busy. Yen is going to be an open floodgate of masses ready to CONSUME. You need to starting plowing and planting the fields now. It doesn’t matter what you build…an e-commerce store, a blog, a podcast, an image hosting site, a youtube channel, it doesn’t even need to be crypto related…but anything you can establish now, will give you a first mover advantage in yen once it launches to the public.

  5. Advertise Don’t take this one the wrong way. I’m not telling you to devote a ton of your time and energy and money to printing out fliers for yen and handing them out at the doors of your local walmart. But use the products peter and john have built to your advantage. If you have a clothing store, consider a couple Yen, bitcoin pub, or DCTV tshirts or sweatshirts. If you run a youtube channel do some collaborations with DCTV. If you run a blog post your stuff on the pub. All of the logos and likenesses for ALL of the products peter and john have built are 100% free to use. Meaning you can monetize them if you’re willing to put in the work. It’s win-win for everyone involved. A chance for you to corner a market before it even exists and more eyeballs on the product.

Feel free to add more suggestions down below if you have any specific ideas on how to contribute.


@heavilyarmedclown - your leadership and initiative is not lost on us…! we appreciate it so much.

we are here to help coordinate and encourage… let us know! so stoked that folks are “all-in” on this!


i’d like to add that “be engaged” is a super important roll to play. Just showing up every day, interacting with the community, answering questions and providing positive vibes goes a long way. You may not have a specific skill set for coding or even creating videos, but everyone has the capability to make this a thriving and enjoyable community.


this is really well-noted…! being a user of #yen is just as important as anything else! glad you said it aloud!



Do we have too many threads? :sweat_smile: My bad


you can never have too many yen threads :wink:



well I’m starting my mining series now. and I’m working on adding my hot rods to it to soon. I just needed to get one started and going. So i feel comfortable in what I’m starting up. Helping where ever I can on the way. I am here and love what I’m starting with all of you!!!


Once I complete my task list of translating’s B90X, “Becoming a Pro”,, etc educational content… I will love to translate QM contributions and material too!

Equipo de Traducción : Yen, B90X, 10DaysofBitcoin, etc

So awesome that you’re doing that @Criptomata !!!


Great work!

@SungshimLoppnow and I are building Presence + Practice
We will be building relationship skill training and sharing on YEN.

These ideas are a great place to start

For example, I provide premarital counsel, marriage support and skill training.
Gottman is one person I’ve learned a lot from.


Blockchain In the Artworld.
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Only one of those links got clicked. I guess we don’t have many people interested just yet that aren’t already involved in those on-going projects. Continue to build.


Hello everyone! I’ve been meaning to be more active here and I guess there has never been a better time to do it.

I think I need to learn more about yen to know where I can best be of service to people. I’ve also been trying to teach myself how to code/program but I think having a goal or task would help me learn faster. I know as well that one doesn’t really need to know how to code/program to contribute, just try to fit whatever one knows to whatever is needed in the community. I just need to know which skills I have that are easily transferrable into helping the yen community.



you don’t need any new skills… why not use the ones that you currently have?


Where do I begin? I had no idea of where the best place to put this would be, so I thought I would start here.
I am a lurker and only recently have tried to start to find my voice in this wonderful community. I have spent much time searching for self improvement as well as a community that allows for exchange of knowledge in all areas as a benefit to all.
To me that ideal community is unlike much of the world we currently live in. It is not about greed, power, division, isolation, the reasons “I’m right and your wrong”.
Instead it is about being open minded enough to realize that every one of us comes from a different perspective depending on what life has thrown at us, and being able to respect that in each other.
I believe that this community and is truly going to be a big part of that, in hopefully a world wide way.
To me it is surprising that crypto is what has brought all of us together, but this is bigger than just crypto. To me it is truly a possibility of a better world.
With all of that being said I need some guidance. I am not comfortable in front of a camera. I have many random thoughts, experiences and observations that I would like to share with others, but I don’t know where to begin. If it would be a blog (no clue on how to do that), a daily share of a random thought, or something else. This is where my heart and passion truly exists, but how do I begin?
Much love and thanks to all of you. Rieann


Hi @Rieann62 thanks for sharing whats on your heart and mind.

It all starts with little incremental changes and consistency. It can be as small as just creating a wordpress blog or just posting a daily youtube video. You can even post here on the pub if you like.

The most important thing is to just get started and then slowly expand over time. Consistency is key. You have to set your goals and then stick to them.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.


i think you should connect more with @CryptoMom and chat through with her and learn from her experience (she’s one of the longest-time members)! she’s asking similar questions as well (as most of us are!).

love that you’re here!


Thank you John, I’m glad to be here. Sometimes family is who you choose instead of who you are related to by blood.


The plan is… there is no plan. :joy: just kidding. Maybe. I’m still in the “discovery” process. Which I believe a lot of us are. I have ideas that I’m running with. Like starting an ebook series on some of my farming experiences and life lessons through that. I like story telling. But I didn’t even know that was something I enjoyed until I experimented with voice over videos during the alpha cohort. But I’m sure “plans” will change. Things never turn out the way you expect them to. That’s the beauty in all of this. Like @heavilyarmedclown mentioned,

Just show up every day and experiment with new things. You never know what will happen.