The so-called 2018-2019 HUGE Market Crash


I’ve seen more and more videos/articles poping out recently about this, maybe we will have a market crash again this year, maybe 2019 fueled by many factors, increased debt, increased house prices and so on

How will this affect crypto ? Remember Bitcoin was born in the last Crash from 2008

PS. No FUD spreading intended.

Bitcoin Price Thread

If market boom bust cycle is ~8 year, as some say, we are about 2 years late on the bust. Watch the NASDAQ.

In the news recently, the Rockefeller family sold the entire art collection of late the David Rockefeller - after selling his other assets in the last few months. His downtown manhattan apartment sold below asking, but the estate property and the lakefront property sold for above asking. Declining urban real estate market, and a booming “elite estate” market is telling. Is this a cash raise or just a normal sell and divide the assets after death?

The market for fine goods, like art, tend to follow boom and bust cycles as any market does. It is currently in a waning boom period, some think it can be used as a leading indicator of the financial markets.


There are a number of indicators that suggest the market is overheated and due a correction. The main issue as I see it is timing will it be six months or a couple more years? What is the likely event that would trigger a reversal? Answering both these questions will help determine what happens with crypto. If a correction is still a couple of years away and is triggered by higher interest rates and lower consumer spending then I would be quite bullish on crypto. Anything sooner than that and the tech may not have matured enough for it to be a viable place to move into from a traditional market so we would see people staying in cash, precious metals, gems, art etc.


If we can believe the amount of Bitcoin being purchased on OTC desks, I would consider it to be in the same league as Gold in a collapse period. Not as good as cash just yet. Timing the top, or the bottom, is very difficult. Money is made in the middle. Carefully considering what steps to take, timing, and asset re-distribution is the hard part.

Have a look at a recent Hyperwave video on defensive investing


Just wait and see. Money is made at the bottom. When the people on top start moving to cash fluid it’s time to take a step back. When the market tanks that’s when the real money is made.
I remember reading something on the Rockefellers and how the family was rethinking the way the old man made his money off the backs of the less fortunate and were feeling guilty. I think it was more they were all spoiled and never learned how to work so they didn’t continue in Daddy’s footsteps thus all his shit got sold because no money was coming in.


It depends on your position in the market. If you have a recently opened mortgage, holding securities, are close to retirement, have no skin in the game and waiting to buy low, etc… The best strategy is different for all people. Money is made when you have money to spend. Cash is the key to filling bags at the bottom of a market crash.


rockefellers are pumping money in, jp morgan is getting into cryptos

coinbase is applying for bank license

microsoft facebook and all major tech companies are looking into cryptos

i wouldn’t bet against cryptos this year


the title is a load of cock because it sounds like they know for sure 100% what will happen and fact is that nobody (except whales) know what can happen







Reality Shares Launches World’s First China Blockchain ETF


Crypto will surely be a place were many many billions will flow into.





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It’s badly needed mate the prices have gotten ridiculous and the crash is inevitable but I do worry for the young as they may have to go through what I did in the 80’s and it’s horrific. Stuck with a negative valued house with 16% interest rates. They were hard hard times. Quite a number of my friends lost there homes and kicked to the street with a debt round there neck. Ruthless :disappointed:


Well over due Manuel.
My biggest issue is the quality of materials used in new build houses in the uk,it’s a joke. Half the shit in my estate they want between £500k, £1m for and half the fuckers are falling apart already after only being built 10yrs ago.


Large-scale hedge funds and retail investors are definitely smarter than people think. After a 70 percent correction, these investors see a golden opportunity to enter the cryptocurrency market, not dismiss it.

Investing after a 70% to 80% decline is a strategy often used by big firms.



I work on new builds and ur right they are complete and utter shite.Great to work on as there more simple and open access but the quality is piss poor.
You can’t beat our old houses and they will last longer than a new build house that’s built today for sure. Only problem with old homes is damp but other than that u can’t go wrong.