The so-called 2018-2019 HUGE Market Crash


I’m getting signals from both “we’re going down” and “we’re going higher” sides. Whatammigonnnado?:beetconnect:


Stay fishy, Facebooks MASSIVE drop is not a coincidence, being part of the FAANG stocks and in their bubble state, intelligent money know that and at the slightest tumble they will sell inmediately, this might have been a warning, but who knows who will be the next one and cause a domino effect.


That 16% gap down on FB is no joke can’t wait for the next one. Should of happened after the senate hearings what’s his name did as well :pepe:


but wait on what ? I’d be scared on buying something that might go down a lot and I mean a LOT, like buying on their ATH’s, no bueno.


I can’t wait for the panic and eventual collapse of FB. I wouldn’t touch that company with a ten foot pool. No wait the entire legacy stock market system. Except maybe if I had the means I’d short FB all the way to its demise.



The upcoming financial crisis is coming according to experts and this is putting up the questions if Bitcoin will become the safe haven among the crypto enthusiasts.



If governments/banks try to confiscate peoples wealth then bitcoin will do great. Other than that I cannot see how a financial crisis would be good for the crypto market. People will sit on cash and not invest in a high risk asset class such as crypto. Also the more financial products that are built for crypto such as ETFs, the more correlated the market becomes to traditional markets.


explain me why gold/silver are safe heavens then? :thinking:

Asuming BTC is the digital gold that is.


Bitcoin market is too immature to be considered a store of value. The majority of the world wont recognize it as a safe place to store their money (safe meaning a whale won’t dump their bags). I think gold and silver are recognized as a safe store of value because their prices don’t fluctuate 10-20% in a given day over multiple days. I know people will argue that is because the market of G&S is in the trillions and that one day bitcoin will be there too. But will that happen within the time of a financial meltdown knocking at our doorsteps?



it is all inflated and speculation

yeah a single BTC might be worth 6.6k atm, but with people with really fat wallets want to sell their BTC, it will all collapse … so in reality it is not worth as much? lol :man_shrugging:t2:


Hope the next bull run coincides with a financial meltdown. Maybe if people see it as an opportunity to protect / increase their wealth they might push BTC higher, especially if inflation gets out of control within major currencies and/or banks seize funds. I will always believe having/holding 1BTC is never going to be a bad thing, just don’t buy it at 100K on the next top.


did the collapse just started this week ? :beetconnect::beetconnect::beetconnect:


Nearly $13 billion wiped off of cryptocurrency market as major coins plunge


this thread is not intended for crypto crashes, but thanks for the input though


Stockman thinks so. Trump should have stuck with the truth that the rates are artificially low and the economy is fake.


Stocks down
Bitcoin down

What dip am I going to buy? :cold_sweat:


this thread is starting to make sense now right?




Careful that thief has fraud scammer written all over his face. I know his foul poison type when I see them :skull_and_crossbones: