The so-called 2018-2019 HUGE Market Crash


Who’s this guy again? I’ve seen how vids before but never subscribed so lost him.

Yeah agreed with the others, the housing crash will come and I think it’ll form part of a much bigger multi market crash that’ll be much worse than what we have experience in recent history. Not sure how crypto will be affected. I just hope it waits until I have enough capital so I can survive the following few turbulent years.

Would love to be able to buy a property in London but at the moment it’s out of reach for the normal working class.



Another housing crash combined with the tech bubble. Maybe crypto will moon and we can all get some cheap property.


buying cheap real estate with crypto gains … poetic justice :drooling_face: :sunglasses:


:thinking: :tinfoilhat:



Satoshi’s Screamin’



Now the old guard is jumping ship and coming on over to crypto in greater numbers. Why would they do that?

CNBC: Winklevoss cryptocurrency exchange nabs NYSE's tech chief

Do you think they like the challenge of a multi-year bear market?

I don’t think so…



Already priced in :rollsafe:


This chart sums it up…amazing how it topped exactly at 2007 levels,despite trillions printed… :thinking:

“History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes,” as Mark Twain is often reputed to have said. :wink:


The 5 major technology revolutions

No 6 The financial Sector ???
Bitcoin is the Deployment.Solution. :bitrocket:

One thing is for certain…No one ever sees them coming… :wink:


$247 trillion global debt bomb

will ETF come on time to be the safe heaven for big money ?


I think that is why they’re slowing down the markets so they can all get in before the crash of the dying fiat system.


I’m getting signals from both “we’re going down” and “we’re going higher” sides. Whatammigonnnado?:beetconnect:


Stay fishy, Facebooks MASSIVE drop is not a coincidence, being part of the FAANG stocks and in their bubble state, intelligent money know that and at the slightest tumble they will sell inmediately, this might have been a warning, but who knows who will be the next one and cause a domino effect.


That 16% gap down on FB is no joke can’t wait for the next one. Should of happened after the senate hearings what’s his name did as well :pepe:


but wait on what ? I’d be scared on buying something that might go down a lot and I mean a LOT, like buying on their ATH’s, no bueno.