The West Is Burning, my musical project

Yo team! My newest musical project just got verified on, which is more difficult than one would think.

I can appreciate that because then it keeps the music a little more quality, i dont know if your familiar with soundcloud.

But I am into the idea of this project, it is cool how even when music is included in a mix or sampled the original artist can automatically get some compensation.

I think services like Spotify are terrible (and terribly awesome) but bad for helping musicians make music.

So even if Musicoin is not the answer they are pushing it the right direction.

Anyways, this is my project The West Is Burning.

Hope all is well team!


how can we support you and you’re work here?


I have gotten so much help and comradery on this forum :slight_smile: I reap the benefits of being here everyday! Thanks John!


This is really cool. I jumped over and had a listen. Do you earn based on people listening to your albums / music? I need to go do some research on Musicoin


Yes every play pays the artist directly, blows the Spotify model away. There are flaws with the system for sure, but most of it, I think, is a paradigm shift.

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I’m just going to leave this here…


Post rock is one of the best genres around! I’m a sucker for “post” anything though. Always enjoyed concerts with looping and layering sounds. I think the last time I saw a really great live looping show was Bruce Lamont from Yakuza. Thanks for sharing the tunes dude. Good sound!


Hey Team!

Just posted a new track from one of my musical projects, The West Is Burning.

Post rock soundtrack with a prequel.


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