The World Cup 2018 thread


It’s finally the day of the start of FIFA World Cup 2018! I have been so excited for this day since the domestic leagues ended! Yeah I know this isn’t crypto, but sometimes it’s good to have discussions about other subjects.

So, who are you supporting? Who do you think will win? What games are you watching and looking forward too? And if you are like me and like the odd bet now and then for abit of fun and to earn a little bit of money, what bets you got on?


Same here mate big footy fan, will watch all I can and hoping for someone different to win it possibly Belgium. Can see Uruguay doing ok. Being Scottish and bitter af I don’t want the English to win it but it’s the least hyped team I can remember so you’ll probably do better than usual. Going to put a few quid on both of the above and maybe a cheeky £10 on England to soften the pain if you win :joy:


I don’t know why Canada sucks so bad at this sport. It’s basically hockey but with a ball.

Go Germany!


bro Footballs our national sport and we still can’t qualify for shit.:see_no_evil:


Who’s your money on Max?


I will be supporting England as the US isn’t in it this time :grimacing:

So I am expecting to lose interest towards the round of 16 when they get kicked out :man_facepalming:


I’d love england to win, and to be fair they have some hungry young players, but for me I like France. They have some dangerous players. It’s just wether or not they turn up.


Ingerlund & the racist scum who support them (not the followers), from small towns you’ve never heard of… and never want to go to, can suck my plums!

France are my favourites… Belgium are the (not much of) surprise team… if they can keep their individual egos in-check for 4 weeks.


First match of Mex is vs Germany … GG world cup 2018.



Being a Scouser & and Liverpool fan I don’t really have that much support for England, they let you down so often that in the end you just end-up despondent, although as mentioned they haven’t really been hyped up as much as they usually are for this tournament so they could go deep.

I can’t really see any further than Brazil wining it again, maybe the Germans might give them a run for their money.

Here’s hoping we get some great exiting Football & not the boring defensive tactical games that just turn everyone off.


Sorry guys, but this time Brasil is going to win. We have to redeem ourselves from the horrible beating we got by Germany :persevere:


maybe the field needs to be made of ice for them to compete


First big game this Friday! Portugal v Spain! Let’s see how Spain react to the managerial issue.


Yeah should be interesting that Max, here’s hoping Karma has got tickets for the world cup & Ramos the cheating **** trips over his laces and dislocates his shoulder, now that would be Karma in action.



I’ll support Croatia. :croatia: We have good players but they won’t go far. :pepe:


Wow… that’s a rarity indeed!


I have Portugal to win that group, they won the euros two years ago, not got a bad squad


You might get to the quarter finals with them, I ended up with Morocco in the sweep in work so I wont be going past the first round I dont think.


Wow what are you, you sound like a bitter blue nose from across the park, but I do agree with you we have far to many tourist fans taking up seats that the locals with the vocals should be having instead.

I guess that’s the curse of being one of the top football clubs on the planet, same at Madrid< Manure & Barca you end up with a global fan base who want to come and worship at one of the most atmospheric stadiums in the world.


I’m not… I knew somebody who was Everton fan many moons ago. He told me that most Scousers were blues & that Anfield was originally Everton’s ground… maybe I was wrong, sorry.