The World Cup 2018 thread


Don’t forget to post pictures of your celebration. :tada::tada:


Congratulations England


All I can say is, emotional.


Fucking love it lads!



It’s fucking coming home!!!


Turn this up England!


someone had to do it…:joy:


Can’t believe we won a shoot out man. . First one I have ever seen. I also can’t believe I found more emotional attachments to things than the icx thread. And also one where people come together. And yes I’m talking shit. .im steaming


Nothing wrong with national pride in an awesome match!


Peter I’m buzzing! So much emotion


I feel you. Sometimes I wanna cry too.


This is my home town after a group game. I would love to know what it’s like now!!


I have now learnt to spell Colombia but honestly who gives a shit as they are going home and football is coming home :smiley:


Wasnt easy on the eye and I was so confident of a win,only had enough beer supply for 90 minutes :joy:
So extra time and penalties was tough going…
Friday afternoon booked off for the possible game of the tournement …
Thank fuck England ducked that group… :wink:



Yes Donny :joy:



Think it was going off on silver street again last night haha. Did you see the lads going through the bus stops??






Yes mate half the lads that come in to the yard are from Donny villages.I reckon a couple might have been in that lot…someone mentioned bus stops… :joy:
Do you get down the dome for Caged Steel ?


I have never been no, a few people I know go to it though. Maybe worth a visit!