The World Cup 2018 thread


Yeah one of the lads fights …its a good night…next one he does I will let you know and meet up for a bitcoin Beer if you fancy it…


Yeah man definitely!!


Sorted… England will be world cup holders by then for sure…


It’s abit with not football. Some lass is in my house claiming to be my girlfriend and wants to make conversation. :cold_sweat:


Call the police mate! I have one of them and also claiming the little rug rats are my kids as well…

Or just put on replays of 1966 and tell her to watch it with you


Crazy Englishmen and their lasses… lol


Lads, surely surely surely we can beat Sweden ffs?


If England win the world Cup the country would become bankrupt because no one will be able to go to work for weeks!

:pray: To all the gods past, present and future that it happens though! It’s our time!

Its coming home!


i dont know about england winning the World cup. Semi Final is their final …


We can make the final. No reason at all why not. We have the best striker in the world at the end of the day.


Bro what u talking about? Every game is a final for us because we expect to win the world Cup but in the back of our mind we also think we can lose any game! :joy:

You should see some videos of England supporters after the columbia win… Absolute animals mate I love it


haha. i feel the England fans and supporters. joy…


Ditched work. Beer stock full enough for ET and penalty shoot outs…
Lets get Footy Friday underway…
Uruguay and Belgium to make the semi…

No Cavani. :disappointed_relieved:


Too bad Cavani can’t play. I hope Uruguay wins!

We have a great football weekend ahead of us! :sunglasses::beers:


They’ll struggle with out him! He was brilliant the last game!


Suarez will probably trick the referee into giving them a penalty for something that never happened.


Defo struggle without his work rate…
Ian Wright wins the best dressed pundit award…those shirts…damn! :laughing:


For the 3.5 million Uruguayan ‘unicorns’.


Working from home today… I always watch the game at work but starting knockout rounds you need to feel like you are enjoying. the game… yoooooo


Mbappe had a chance there…expected more from that…