The World Cup 2018 thread


Who do you guys have for tomorrow’s games?

Any chance for Mudda Russiaaaa???



Not too sure. As an england fan I would rather play Russia in the semis but I think Croatia might just nick that one against Russia.


This World Cup is waaaay to inpredicable!


Just like Crypto, huh?

Who have a good TA on Mutha Russia?

I feel like Mutha Russia is so undervalued! Mutha Russia is going to moon! HODL that shit and Russian football players will have their lambos!
Mutha Russia to the moon!


Fuck that Mutha Russia is a scam you are just a shill nice pump and dump :rofl:


3 out of 4 1/8 finals at the bottom half brackets were decided by random penalty shootout.

The real danger lies in the IKEA buses and Russian tanks that refuse to play football.


Come on england!!


Come on Sweden!! :smile:


Congratulations England :soccer:


Goaaaaaaaaaaaaaal!!! Good job. England now that Brazil is out you HAVE to win the World Cup !!!


If you stop one harry the other one will get you :joy:


Ally ally ooooooooooh!


south Yorkshire steel… get in… :joy:


Sweden need a goal and can’t just defend anymore. England need to be pressing and catching these balls and killing the game


Fucking hell mate Jamaica looks a bit grim… no Palm Trees??? :rofl:
At least the football is Tropical paradise stuff…


Hah unfortunately I’m back in england now. Came to Lincoln with me pal. I feel so out of place tho. All these fashionable students and then me.


Sweden have been awful I don’t understand it! That said Sterling needs to be replaced he is useless!


Agree. Complete waste of space. Get him off.


Rashford can do his job a lot better and he can score.


FOOTBALLS COMING HOME !!! :soccer::goal_net: :trophy: