The World Cup 2018 thread


Ha Ha yes mate…that waterfront rivals Marbella for sure…


Hows it going mate? .I’m giving the going lower threads a miss … :joy:


All good mate ta and how’s u doing ?

Great game so far and yeah my thread is dead like bitcoin :sweat_smile:


What a save…that kept us alive… :joy:


One really notable thing about this game is the lack of grappling and dirty fouls. Just two teams that want to play football.


One is better than the other… :joy:
Pickford scores 2 for us there… super saves…
Maybe Sweden should bring Tom Brolin on… :laughing:


Some Scottish perspective here.:joy: England deserving the win but in no way is it down to how good England have been more the fact Sweden have been absolutely honking. Commentators acting like your beating a world class side like France or Belgium on their top game.
Well done though :cry:


Pickford, man of the match?


Congrats England. Wow.


The sun must be punishing your transparent skin brother and its got to your brain!

England have been very good today!


Definitely, had a great game. :+1:


Your tripping on hay fever tablets mate. Sweden have been shocking. Pickford helped make it look somewhat convincing. :kissing_heart:


Love the banter… :joy:

England into the last 5 of a world cup… Nuff said…


Those Herpes tablets are making you drowsy bud, England were organised and controlled.

It’s fucking coming home :soccer:


Who have Scotland got next pal?


Faroe Islands …best team in the north :sunglasses:


Wheres Sparky when you need him… :rofl:
This was a bitcoin free happy zone… :wink:



A team who were told would have no hope. A team who most are still young. A semi finals is excellent. Fair play to them. Time to get off my nut. :v:t2:


The last time England scored this many goals they lifted the cup.


lol, I’m numb to that shit now.
You’ll need to seriously turn it on to beat France or Belgium to win it though.
Zero test today.