The World Cup 2018 thread


Tbh we aren’t on their level, would take a miracle. But this is football and anything can happen!


Actually thought you’d do well, it’s the first time you’ve not been hyped up to much and like you say a young squad with zero fucks to give. Go get shit faced mate, enjoy :wink:


Lincoln is shit atmosphere compared to donny man


Mate Im not going to deny the draw has been perfect and we havent played anyone great…

who gives a fuck… :joy:




Your south of the Trent mate…what do you expect… :joy:


English fans has arrived… ahah … NOW zalatan has to wear England jersey at Wembley for game.

  • lost his bet to beckham


Delph calling his wife a machine…thats Leeds for you… :joy:


Oh ffs my neighbors blasting “it’s coming home” in his back garden. Time to lock myself in my bathroom and get into the foetal position. :sob:


Only 5 current England players were born before the last world cup semi-final occasion…


One Slavic team is more equal than the other.


Come on Russia!

Rather England face them plus my big bet is counting on Russia.


what a fucking goal…

The Russians are coming… :joy:

OK …maybe they are stuck at the Croat border… :laughing:

Seriously tho…this is a great game…


Playing against Russia would be like a champions league semi-final decided by one away game.

Plus, England would need to watch everything they do and eat in Russia…


this game is interesting. …


Yeah but that’s just the way it is. Home advantage is massive but you hose the whole thing so you deserve it.

In the end the winner of the world Cup will deserve their prize because they kept beating the team that was in front of them.


Call me a hypocrite, but I have a feeling Russia would get this one. Just because they waived the Croat’s debt of 1.5 bill USD 3 days prior the match. If they would, I would give up on the fairness of the Games at this level.


The Russian team cheated systematically during the Sochi Olympics. I wouldn’t be surprised that FIFA only ‘notices’ the illegal Russian drug use during the semi-final after 20 years (in 2038).


NETFLIX SERIES ICARUS… tells all the doping controversy in Russia.


I am sorry. The game seems to be rigged. The Russian team is so bad that the Croatian left back (Ivan Strinić) keeps giving away the ball.