The World Cup 2018 thread


Man my £5 bet didn’t come in. Could have got 360 quid if Russian won.


Go on Russia!

Another penalties lads!


what a game…go Russia!


wow… what a game it is becoming.


Was a shit game for a long time.

Who’s gonna guys?


Better than the English game :wink:


There is no way Croatia giving away balls like this after 2:1. The shootout scenario is probably what Putin asked for.


If your not English :grinning:


Touché. :joy:



Don’t you dare turn this into another conspiracy thread :joy:


It’s coming home mate :joy:


The Russians are so bad that they could not even follow the script…


Oh man it would have been much easier to beat Russia but fuck it, we will smash Croatia!


Please repeat?

We got beat.



Shame I really wanted Russia to win and if they beated England then I would of wanted them to win the World Cup. It’s nice for a host nation to go far in the tournament and to be ranked 70th and make it to the quarter finals is impressive. Well done Russia you should be very proud and what a great game


Yep, agree. Despite the whole “sleepyness” of this match, it was good. Russia is making progress!


Authoritarian host nation stealing the WC final is not fantasy. Your children need to live long enough to see the truth through archives.

You will see an energetic Croatian team against England, which will prove my theory.


This thread is a nice place. Let’s keep it that way


Your comment shows the difference between our mentalities:

I (maybe the ones on the right?) found words with facts nice; You (left?) prefer ‘nice’ feelings, which implies that I shall speak less (or what I have said haven’t been ‘nice’?).

One person one standard, is my limit. :sunglasses:


David. I really cannot be bothered with any of this. I like football. We all like football. That’s how we get along. I don’t care for any left right up down bullshit.

Im not gonna get into this I’m just saying let’s just have a nice world Cup football thread.