The World Cup 2018 thread


That’s why I made this thread man. Everyone comes together on the World Cup thread!


This is the ONLY thread that emotional attachments are acceptable.


Everyone is welcome here. Even @Clarky663 :blush: haha. Seriously thoUgh I’m steaming a ding it should be above bante; noting more.


And irrational ones at that and we don’t give a fuck cause we will drink beer and watch football :beers:

:soccer: if I did have one gripe it is that I have to type “soccer” to get this emoji when it really should be football :rofl:


Ah damn! Was rooting for good 'ol Mudda Russia, but somehow knew Croatia would emerge. Felt great about that first goal, but then things went downhill. A big salute to Mudda Russia, they did way better than a lot of other countries. :ru::rocket:


Last World Cup it was: BRA7-1L
This World Cup it is: BRA2-1L
Next World Cup it will be: BRA5-1L


Ingerlund & Belgium got their wake up calls against Colombia & Japan… now they both have momentum, belief & especially in the case of Belgium, confidence in each other.

The semis are with teams, where the players know each other, really well.
Ingerlund & Belgium is almost completely 100% premiere league… & France have a lot of players who ply their trade there.

Unless Croatia can find an extra gear… I can see Ingerlund getting to the final.

France v Belgium is much, much harder to call.

I think the French can still go up a gear, while the Belgiums look like a team, rather than a bunch of highly talented individuals, for the first time.


Wow that made sense :joy::joy::joy:


Welcome to england :joy:


Big drunk guy jumping onto bus stop glass roof… Classic Saturday is Landan!


Ikea too :joy::joy:


You are bothered enough to order me to shut up, man. The ideological cruelty under your ‘all loving’ facade involves muting speeches you don’t like, which is impossible in a football thread.


Those videos are exactly why I dearly hope the Ingerlund and their racist, dumb fuck, ugly fans, don’t win the World cup.

Easiest group to qualify from, for the world cup (which happens every time, but UEFA & FIFA are above board) & then the easiest group to get out of during the World cup.

They’ve played nobody decent, apart from a Belgium B team… and lost!


The world cup winner is Belgium (80%) or France (20%).


When did I order you to shut up?

You’ve lost it



I tried to explain ‘nice’ is all subjective.


You can say many fans are of poor taste but I am not sure where to fit ‘racism’. The England team represents the demographics quite well.



That’s not me ordering you to shut up!


It was at this moment I knew Max had achieved his goal of getting shit faced :joy:


Sheeeit thought I was bitter :joy: you Scottish bro ?