The World Cup 2018 thread


:joy::joy::joy: was a good night


The premier league Dominating the World Cup this year. It won’t be long at all until an English sides are winning in Europe again.


i am big city guy… !! we got delph, stones, walker, sterling, kompany, kevin debruyne,mendy!!!


Even Steve Aoki, David Guetta and Armin Van Buuren know who will win this World Cup…




Haha they are a good side man. I just hope the fatigue of playing two games in a row going extra time doesn’t affect them too much!


What we predicting tonight??




Close one mate, I think both teams are very good. Belgium have great momentum which as you know counts for a lot in football. However, the French have some decent players that can change a game given half a chance. They’re the favourites too.

I think penalties.


More importantly. What do you think of this bet builder?


Should be an end to end game so be a good bet!!


I think Belgium will win. But it’s not going to be a easy win. :belgium:


Yeah, especially now they’re packed full of English talent!


Ronaldo to Juventus is actually confirmed! Didn’t see that one coming…


Some big boots to fill at Madrid.


C ronaldo playing all the right cards…


England is guaranteed two more games in the tournament. England fans will be hoping their last match will be the final, but if they fail to beat Croatia in the semis, they will play France or Belgium in the third-place playoff.

Having lost to the Belgium B side I hope England gets to play the A team (in the final).


England played their B side too and it was an even game. Both sides know each other well. I think it would be a good game!


Seagull has spoken !!!


I won’t even bother watching it now :sob::sob::sob:


Well my prediction of France winning it just got closer.