The World Cup 2018 thread


Great comeback for Croatia…

Both finalists played draws against Denmark :rofl:


Wembly 2020 its coming home… :wink:

  • Walker’s ten minutes tantrum cost the game;
  • The diversity hire, aka Sterling, should have been changed in the FIRST half.

But the best team won.


Absolutely gutted, it really felt Like England were capable of doing it. Huge praise for their efforts though.

Congrats to Croatia… First bloody final they must be over the moon. Respect!


What do you mean by this?


Seagull has spoken !!! I’ve told you!!!


If Eden Hazard played as poor as Sterling, he wouldn’t have been allowed to play.

Did Sterling shoot on target today? or shoot?


Oh fuck hardlines guys

Honestly though for a young squad you done well.


I commented on a player’s performance, not his skin colour. Please don’t fake your outrage again.

I prefer Dele Alli to Sterling, if Sterling refuses even to shoot on target as a striker.


Delete your fake outrage on your way out.


Which part of my comment is racist? You can tag people all day long, but it does not stick without evidence.


We are all human beings David… Individuals can be judged but try to look at the bright side of life and the good side in people. You don’t need to be like this.

Although I stand by everything I said, I will delete all my comments.


Thank fuck the chainmail wearing, racist supporting tools are on their way home. Ready to set sail & steer their sun reading, sausage eating, antique isle off into the Atlantic, to become a 1950’s theme park.


Where are you from pal?


England better than Holland, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Spain and Portugal.

Well done guys.

Final game Belgium C team v England C, bring it on.


I think he played well today, was making runs but england just lacked that last little bit of experience today




World cups ruined haha. Even more so the next one will be played in November/December!! :sob:


Yeah but it is still hot in Qatar in November/December.

It’s a horrible idea and no network will listen to it. Showing beautiful women helps us respect other cultures. :slight_smile: