The WWI Conspiracy Part 1-3



The WWI Conspiracy - Part One: To Start A War

The WWI Conspiracy - Part Two: The American Front

The WWI Conspiracy - Part Three: A New World Order

The WWI Conspiracy: A Must Watch!
The WWI Conspiracy: A Must Watch!

Corbett does such a great job with these. It’s too bad he doesn’t dig a (bit) deeper on some of the real NWO stuff…

Sometimes I feel he might be controlled opposition…


Thats funny, I feel like Alex Jones became controlled opposition and James Corbett is much closer to the evidence based Journalism that the anti-New World Order space needed. James did cover more of the deeper dirtier side of the NWO years ago but it doesn’t get repeated as much these days;-) Normal people just don’t want to know that the people running their lives are all pedophiles, starting wars for profit, creating bailouts for their own financial experimentation with our civilization, and that they don’t really care about us;-) It’s the illuminati Peter!!! The illuminati people swear doesn’t exist but controls many aspects of Foreign-policy and our lives… For instance George Bush just died and I bet you won’t hear anything about Skull and Bones on any TV station or any article that you read about this man. That’s what we’re talking about!!! One time his son George W. Bush ran for president against John Kerry, another Skull and Bones Member;-) That’s why I am really hoping that what shows up in Clif High’s web bot data happens soon. Clif saw a huge secrets revealed section of American and world history that go’s for 2+ years that starts really soon. This would be amazing as all the secrets would finally become public. In the Clifs data it shows different colleges studying the medical effects of the secrets revealed section of time for years to come. People just go crazy when they’re confronted with things like 9/11 truth, or wars for profit, or even JFK and more. They just can’t handle it, but the secrets revealed section brings it all out and they all have mental breakdowns because they can’t integrate that those things are possible and this shows up in Web Bot data, we’ll see Dude;-) I’ll be pushing hard for the secrets revealed section;-)


Political Pedophilia: An open source investigation


I will tell you that I have talked to real journalists and asked really hard questions about all that you speak of…

It’s all true.

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There’s a tendency for the public to kill the messenger and ignore the message. I think the paradox that we’re running into in the “truth community” is that if you report on a crazy sounding shit you sound crazy yourself. The ultimate camouflage that the elite have is how out-of-control it really is. It becomes unbelievable because it’s so fucking crazy and out-of-control that people just assume there’s no way it could be true without digging deeper;-) For myself personally probably 15 years ago I started finding certain things like Building 7 being an obvious controlled demolition, or Bohemian Grove that just didn’t make any sense within the narrative that I had been indoctrinated into in America. I found these inconsistencies to be unreconcilable with the main narrative being pushed by the mass media and thus began my personal journey for 15+ years into what is now referred to as the Deep State… The Deep State has power because it prints money out of thin air at interest nonetheless and then uses that money to influence whoever whatever they need. From this direction crypto can save the world if it was to change/audit that flow of money, But crypto can also enslave the world through tracking, tracing, and databasing everything people do. This is why it’s important to have built-in coin mixers, cross chain atomic swap abilities, decentralized exchanges, and other concepts that will ensure that the “of, by, and for the people side of crypto” is the side wins. could be a huge part of that if it’s done right and I wish you luck on your path to helping to SAVE THE WORLD;-)


You’ll like this video.

I watched last night.


I’d love to know your thoughts as you go thru the video. :wink:


Mainstream media skipped the violence that the caravan put on mexico, though some in spanish media covered it for several weeks. After 6 weeks of absence, they showed up for their ‘money’ shot

Its all fake and the caravan is an nwo trojan horse. If the gates swing open, that will set a presedence for the UN to send in everyone to the US. The only reason it hasn’t happened is because trump told the UN 6 months ago that they don’t have jurisdiction in the US


That was a great video, I have never seen the movie Gangs of New York but I’ll check it out soon. These are some of my thoughts about this very worthwhile video;-)

The appearance of the law must be upheld, especially as it’s being broken!!! The appearance of choice in a world were we have almost no choice at all. These are huge themes that go back as far as humanity itself. Even Machiavelli codified this with his book The Prince hundreds of years ago. If you just replace Republicans and Democrats with the names of mobsters it is a fact that you’re looking at a clearer picture of whats going on. I think perspective ends up being more important than almost anything it seems. Example, if you win the war you’re considered a war hero and if you lose the war you’re considered a war criminal. That difference is just perspective but the outcome is so radically different. The testimony of Smedley Darlington Butler is one of the ultimate reference points for people looking into how the wars that we fight as a country might not be for the reasons that we’re told…

I think the reason the global elite are so into immigration is that they’re end game has always been world government/global governance. If you shuffle the deck and bring millions and millions and millions of people into every country it’s going to be a lot easier to break those borders down and create that one world system. The fifth will and testament of Cecil John Rhodes left his fortune which was Rothschild money to the creation of a one world government, a one world currency, and a one world religion. Those Cecil roads roundtable societies became the Council on foreign relations, the trilateral commission, the Royal Institute of international affairs, the Builderburg group, and so many more. It’s true that they are creating a voting block but I think it’s even more so this one world concept and how if you shuffle the deck it’s as if it’s already done.

It seems like using violence to get what you want is the cornerstone of the power structure as far back as I can find. So it’s interesting that as we have decentralization throughout the entire crypto ecosystem no longer is there one person you can hold a gun to and demand that they do what you want. All of a sudden these power structures are holding a gun at a math equation demanding that the equation solve itself and not surprisingly the math equation doesn’t respond to that type of threat. And right there it seems like we’ve really gone off on a different trajectory because for the first time people can’t just use violence to get anything they want. There’s a good chance that the reason the United States military is so large is because they’ve been getting what they want by using it. But no matter how big that army is it won’t solve that math equation and that seems to change everything.

It is definitely true that the ruling class never really prosecutes the real criminals and it always is very quick to throw the book at the people that are a thorn in their side. A great example is when Martha Stewart got prosecuted for almost nothing as unbelievable amounts of fraud happened through Wall Street and the City of London far beyond anything she ever did. There was one guy named Steven A. Cohen that ran a fund called S.A.C. and he taped into something called “the flow” which we would all call a clear case of insider information. But the reality was that Wall Street and the City of London is just insider information. Even the United States Congress is literally allowed to commit insider trading because it’s not illegal for them, just everyone else. If you take a million dollars you’re going to jail but if you take a billion dollars or more and manage to wrap everybody else into your criminal activities then you become what’s now called “too big to fail” we would refer to that as above the law. One set of laws for one group of people and another set for everyone else. There was a guy that used to work for the BBC named Greg Palast and he had a story called “the end game memo” it was a memo from the top banks of the world talking about paying all of these other countries in the world through the derivatives system so that they were in trapped in the health of that system. That way the health of their government revolved on the health of the people that were controlling them.

War is really shitty and not awesome at all for anybody that’s experienced it. So how do you get people to beg you for something that will destroy everything and suck forever? I believe this is accomplished by not focusing on facts but instead by focusing just on emotion. It is the tugging at human emotion that gets people to justify something they shouldn’t be doing. This is really the basis of public relations, Pavlov was looking at this with the Pavlovian bell, BF Skinner had the Skinner box looking at reward based conditioning and how dog training can work for humans to. The first casualty of war is the truth and I don’t think that’s an accident…

You can’t control billions of people but you can totally steer their reactions. The concept of false flags is in the army training manual. Allen Dulles the founder of the CIA called it the kick under the table. The original national security act doesn’t actually allow for aggressive interventions in foreign countries. Col. L. Fletcher Prouty (Mr. X) claimed that the real reason for false flags all the time was that it was illegal to do it any other way. But from a strategic point of view it allows whoever’s doing the aggression to pose as the savior to the problems that they secretly created. That all works until the age of information starts to show that you’re the one doing it in secret. The illuminati motto is rumored to be “order out of chaos”, chaos that they created in secret to steer people to what their goals were/are. They’re really is such a small amount of people in the ruling class and people could easily overtake them in a single afternoon. You could say that the elite believe in our potential to rise up more than we believing in it ourselves. They understand how fragile and temperamental the balance of powers really is. There was a guy who worked for Henry Kissinger named David Rothkopf who wrote a book called the Superclass, in that book he claimed that there was only about 6000 people controlling most of the world. That’s the only number that was credible that I ever found in that regard.

I like the idea of Voting but the sad truth is those that Vote’s count nothing, those that count the votes have all the power. That being said the idea of giving people citizenship in exchange for their vote a very real one and I do think that’s going on as well;-)

A lot of the neoconservative’s studied at the University of Chicago. Many of the neoconservative’s studied with a philosopher there named Leo Strauss who would talk a lot about the super stories. These stories may be true, or they may be a lie, but his point was that they were a necessary illusion to create a cohesive society. I started referring to this concept as mythological glue. Major events like 9/11 are huge alterations in the super story that constitutes the mythological glue that people use to reason/justify the events of the world to themselves. If these super stories can be proved to be a lie or at least totally different than what people were told it will set off a chain reaction in how they feel about everything. I think this is why we see mental breakdowns coming in Clif Highs Web Bot data involving the secrets revealed section of American and World History. The super stories that people tell themselves will vanish/brake down and even though they’re going to go crazy because of that I believe the world will be a better place if we can make it through to the other side.

I’d like to personally thank you Peter for keeping the conspiratorial context alive in your videos as I’m sure someone somewhere told you not to. I’m telling you, they’re mistaken, it does matter, and it matters now more than ever… I’m a believer that all history is the history of the winners. If you win the war you get to give your version of history and everyone else’s version dies with them. I think we’re going to win but if we don’t no one will ever know because the truth will die with the people that cared. It’s possible for free humanity to attain its own destiny instead of being endlessly diverted off into the bullshit of the people that run our lives. There’s a shelf life on the techniques that they have used to control the world and the people in the crypto world can see those cracks in their control system even more than they can.


Thank you sir for your very detailed commentary.

I agree with everything youv’e said, and also, some based on assumption of fact. Since you spoke of a couple things that I’m not familiar with.

It’s clear that it is very much within the realm of possibility that the world can be run behind the scenes by 1, 2, or even 3 people. It’s not too hard to see that as so. We’ve had ruling generations for centuries.

I wonder though, sometimes, what to do?

Keep talking openly about it.


Richard Grove on the Rothschilds and WWI


The infamous beginnings to the modern day war machine.

The corbett report’s 3 part WWI documentary…it is well worth your time


Pretty good? I’m thinking of watching it after I hit the gym. What are some of the highlights just to whet my appetite.


The history taught in schools is a fraction of the truth.

Real power is controlled behind the scenes by a select few.

WWI laid the frame work for the modern day military industrial complex.

It’s pretty information heavy, so trying to type up a synopsis doesn’t really do it justice.


Ok that was enough to get me interested. Thanks


James has done such a world class job for so manny years;-) I genuinely feel like James Corbett has publicly researched some of the most important least talked about realities of our time!!!


Agreed. He has excellent videos going back for years. He’s what journalism should look like.


I watched it. I’d have to research more about it. But yeah the conspiracy of a British desire to knockout Germany is pretty well known. Well, for those who dig a little .

I’ve heard it for multiple reasons.

One thing that people forget though is that Germany was also planning its decisive stroke. As far back as 1870 right after the war of German unification. They were devising that “Schleffin Plan” (I may be misspelling that).

Which involved knocking out France and Russia.

Oh and the British crown really didn’t have all that much power at the time. Following queen victoria British monarchs were more ceremonial. And they’re ancestors was from Hanover in Denmark and German states i believe.

German Russian and British monarchs were all cousins and were not really hostile towards each other. Even as the war was underway they would write letters about how they missed one another.

Anyways. . .




Thanks Manuel didn’t notice