The x10 alts during those 2 months

hey all ! so i am looking for projects to invest in only to find out that some coins as BAND protocol , and link , and more increased in price x8 x10 …
i discover them late , where do i research for gems like those ?

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What’s your 10x coins that you are tracking ADA is one of them isn’t it?

Oh well
That’s a rough road to take for someone whos just investing 200$ a month in cryptho

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Depending on your life style, or where in the world you live, $200 can be a lot of money! Which means that a 10x is still just as significant. 10x is 10x, no matter what amount you start with. It’s all relative.

Just focus on making the gains. You dont need those fancy groups to prosper. You just have to do a lot of research, look at projects before the pump, and then make smart investments. You can do it man. Have faith. :slight_smile:


Not sure if i continue buying RSR

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