The Z9's have landed


There is confirmation that the Z9 mini has reached homes today. I expect them to begin to gobble up the hash rate starting tonight. Lets see what the difficulty looks like on Monday. Stay tuned!!!


I’m going to confess. I’ve ordered a bunch of these Z9 miners, they’re just too cheap to pass up, if they’re good for 3 months I’d be happy.


Keep us posted please, I have clients who are interested in ASICs and I’ve been a fan of Equihash for a long time.


There is already a unboxing video, im checking it out now.


I’m still waiting for mine to arrive, but this is some exciting stuff, one Z9 Miner is the equivalent to 24x1080Ti:


I like this guy, all of his videos are pretty straight forward, and he doesn’t fudge numbers. Been subbed to Vosk for a while.


Wow 24 1080ti equivalent is pretty bad ass!!! I wish I had one. By the time batch 2 gets here equihash will have a very low payout.


Yeah, it’s the start of the arms race for Equihash. I’m still eagerly waiting for mine from the first batch, Bitmain even sent out a bunch of discount vouchers for everyone who bought the first batch, my vouchers were $100
to $250 off the next batch (total 6 vouchers). The price has also dropped from $1,999 USD to $850 each for the second batch, with the vouchers on top these things are going cheap.

It is worth noting that Innosilicon has also released an ASIC miner (the A9 ZMaster) that claims to be able to do 50,000 Sol/s using 620W, or five times as powerful and significantly more efficient than Bitmain’s Z9 Mini. However, these A9 miners are $9,999 each and are not shipping until a few months. Personally, I think the Z9 is the better deal, as you can buy eleven Z9s for the price of one A9, getting over double the hash power.

He’s the link to Innosilicon:


Update: I just saw this on Innosilicon’s website. Look’s like serious competition going on.


Bitmain does not mess around. They will sell the z9 at almost cost to crush a start up competitor. Wow a $250 voucher is a big deal when the cost is $850. Plus with bitmain u know you will get a unit and how it will perform vs another company. If u have an extra voucher to spare let me know. Lol.


Bro,If you interested first batch AntMiner Z9 mini ? I here had more than 20 units . Today my stock will reach Singapore . If you interested can WhatsApp me +60177665423. Mike.


Yea, that’s not gonna happen for me, sorry.


My Z9 miners are all stuck in customs clearance since Tuesday, I probably won’t get them until next week. This sucks badly, as I know my miners arrived in Australia on the same shipment as other people I know who also bought them. They’re already mining with theirs.
Good news is they’re easily achieving 16000 Sol/s on 300 W.


I’m interested in knowing if they will ever ROI.


I believe so, possibly $30-35 per day. They should ROI little more than 2 months.

There is a gamble that the coins will fork, but as far as I know nothing worth mining is forking this year.


Have you all seen the new videos that bitmain z9 are just FPGA’s. If they can be reprogrammed for other algorithms that would be awesome.


My thing is this, you buy one, it takes weeks to get here. What if by the time it gets here, the profitability is completely gone?

Sounds a little too good to be true. Hope for the people that did invest, you will make ROI before it is useless.


This is what scares most people away from jumping in head first. It’s a valid concern, but in practice if you are in the first batch you’ll never lose out. Even with SIA, Dash, or others that got intense with ASIC miners quickly. If you were any of the users with first batch products you did really well and then still resold the hardware after mining on it. The obvious solution is to simply buy the ASIC ASAP when they are released. Otherwise the 2nd or 3rd+ batches will surely see decreased or no profits as your concern 100% comes to fruition later in the cycle.


They will require an FPGA bitstream or bit stream to be developed.
"An FPGA bitstream is a file that contains the programming information for an FPGA. A Xilinx FPGA device must be programmed using a specific bitstream in order for it to behave as an embedded hardware platform. This bitstream is typically provided by the hardware designer who creates the embedded platform.

Programming an FPGA is the process of loading a bitstream into the FPGA. During the development phase, the FPGA device is programmed using utilities such as Vivado® or using menu options in SDK. These tools transfer the bitstream to the FPGA on board. In production hardware, the bitstream is usually placed in non-volatile memory, and the hardware is configured to program the FPGA when powered on."


Finally got my Antminer Z9 from customs today. Spent a couple of hours setting up, testing different mining pools and overclocking. Decided to leave them on Jihan’s Antpool in the end, as their overall hashrate is significantly lower than Bitfly’s Flypool, gotta assist with the decentralization :laughing:

Hashing at 16.5 to 17 KSol/s per miner, overclocked at 750 Mhz within build-in Jihan dashboard. Running at 61C with fan RPM at 3,300 rpm. It’s damn loud when it starts, but is inaudible with the garage door closed.