The Z9's have landed


Glad to hear they made it through customs! Keep us posted on how they perform. I’m looking forward to following this thread.


OK. I have some preliminary data back now. I’ve been mining on Antpool for almost 2 days now. I did try Flypool for a couple hours too. Looks like the two Z9 Mini mine around 0.30 ZEC per day.

The hash rate averages around the 30 KSol/s, so 15 KSol/s each. I’ve noticed combined spikes in hash rate to 50 KSol/s for short periods before dropping back to 30-35 KSol/s.

Temperature wise, the chip sits around 60-64C, PCB around 40C. Fans are consistently around 3300-3400 RPM, still pretty loud. During reboot these little screamers go >6000 RPM and are deafening (audible from the garage in almost every room of the house).

No crashes from overclocking and appears stable. So far so good. :slight_smile:


I was thinking about purchasing one, but its on backorder until august/september. I mean I have AC’s on in my house, are they much louder than those?


Yes, they’re noisy. It’s OK if they’re in a garage or a spare room. But you would not want to be in the same room as them for any prolonged periods of time.

I have some $100 vouchers, valid until end of July, I am willing to give away if you are wanting to buy one.

I’ll hold on to the $250 vouchers for now, while I decide whether I’ll buy some more or not in the next week. These vouchers expire middle of July.


Hmmmm… I may take you up on that offer. I don’t have the funds readily available, but I will let you know soon. Thank you for the offer man.


Love it! Keep it up!


You can use google to find out how loud something is.

Here is the ROI in USD


That is awesome! I am glad they are working well and looks like you should get your investment back and then some.