#TheBitcoinLambo is Here! - Start your Bitcoin Engines! The Bitcoin Lamborghini



The hype cycle begins guys.

We finally did it. A mini-moon goal that I’ve had for years, and it’s time to shine.

As Bitcoin passed $5000, we might as well celebrate!

Why not? Add it to my lovely collection!!!

#WorldFirst ever, Lamborghini Huracan bought with Bitcoin!

Spread the word, let the world know that dreams do come true!

You got a twitter? Got a Facebook? Got a great forum you know or news agency you know? Let them know about #TheBitcoinLambo!!!

Also, for any news you share, POST a link to what you’ve shared with OTHERS in this thread! Let’s see how far this inspiration can go around the globe!!!

Instagram page here.

[Media Inquiries Email - info@yen.io]

Watch the interview here:

Watch the Pub Promo here [CAN’T WAIT FOR THE EPISODE WHERE I SHOW YOU HOW I DID IT!!! Stay tuned!!!]

Here is me buying the Bitcoin Lamborghini! PART 2!!!


<3 - Dogelord

Even more pictures here!


FIRST EVER 360 VR Ride Along in #TheBitcoinLambo!


The Bitcoin Audi?! :blue_car: :money_with_wings:
The Doge Lord on CNBC! :tv:
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What / where are you today (whatcha working on)?
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Peter made it to the front page of CoinTelegraph!
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Peter and The Bitcoin Lambo make MSN Arabia!
Free Publicity for Peter Saddington
Soon to be world famous - Peter's Bitcoin Lambo!
DOGElord on CNBC - LAMBO time
It's Peter! CNBC
A list of products and services BOUGHT with BTC
The Best Argument for Cryptocurrency is a Personal Testimony :moneybag:
The Doge Lord on duPont Registry... :thinking: :moneybag:

Here’s the shortlink for this post!


Well… there goes the neighborhood. Try not to create too much sound pollution.


Will you have a thebitcoin.pub logo on it?
or a “fucking buy more bitcoin” announcement? :slight_smile:


Your wife let you buy that?? :wink:


Great choice Peter, Rock on! Let the upgrades begin…



Hahah yes sir :tipping_hand_woman:t2:
You’ll see what changed my heart when you watch the video :rofl:


Peter I’m SO happy for you, you have achieved something you have dreamed of .A reward for your dedicated work that no one should ever bring you down for doing. It can only be an inspiration to everybody, friend or foe!..Enthusiasm pays off and I hope it becomes contagious for all on your channel and learning zone. I truly respect what you do and how you do it Peter and you have my admiration.I love success stories and those that went from nothing to something with conviction and determination and hard work.You give your followers the proof that it is all possible, as long as you persist and don’t lose your head and be too impulsive and focus on rationality.


the bitcoin lambo!! awesomely done bro~

u should have custom paint of Bitcoin signs on them! looks awesome and hopefully we will get all get rich like that in 6 yrs!!


I believe we are waiting on that for later.




@peter I love you, and your car, damn s0n


That monster beast shark looking badass looks so much better than the R8

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That machine is faster than Crypto :smiley:


Congrats Peter! Would like to think I helped nudge you in the right direction!!! See you on the streets brother!!!

-To the Moon!!!


My man! You better believe it! To the moon bro! :rocket:


It is so great and happy see people reaching their dream goals!!!

Next machine must a a rocket :smiley:


Congratulations Peter!!!
Nice Car :+1: :racing_car:
Looks you can race to the moon with it :rocket:

PS: Now can I trade my BTC for your Audi R8? :wink:


Congratulations Peter!! Awesome job! It’s very inspiring to see people set goals for themselves and have all the hard work pay off.



Damn…im still trying to catch ONE BTC…it keeps jumping before i can chase it down.
Of course…ive been hitting these dips hard as hell and im quite diversified into several coins.
I think im going to have to slow down to a halt, and focus entirely on getting one BTC.

After i hit ICON hard as hell…whenever it gets to the exchanges.