#TheBitcoinLambo is Here! - Start your Bitcoin Engines! The Bitcoin Lamborghini




I’m glad I wasn’t the only one to notice that haha. Loved the rear bumper perspective as well! You don’t realize how insane that car is until you have other cars in the frame for reference



By: World Crypto Media

World Crypto Media was right there when metro Atlanta’s Peter Saddington bought a Lamborghini with Bitcoin. Saddington says the Lamborghini really cost him $115! He loaded up on Bitcoin in 2011 when it cost $2.52 cents. As of this writing, one Bitcoin now costs more than $5300! Saddington won’t reveal how many Bitcoins he owns, but adds he’s doing just fine. So what did the 2015 Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4 fully loaded and fully wrapped in pearl white Lambo cost in BTC? 45 bitcoins! That’s $238,500. The MSRP is $289,000 and that’s before the $30,000 in aftermarket upgrades.

For those of you who are not familiar with the cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin was invented after the financial crisis in 2008. As Saddington likes to say now: “Bitcoin can’t be uninvented!” There are more than a thousand alt-coins with the top four rounding out at Ethereum, Lightcoin and Ripple behind Bitcoin.

When we asked Saddington how he first got involved in Bitcoin, he said it was one magazine article. “I really just got lucky. I saw an article in an internet magazine and me being a technologist always trying to look for the next thing I said ehh. It’s only $2 so I bought a lot of it,” said Saddington.

For those who follow him on his YouTube Channel or TheBitcoin.pub he has advice for you.

“I have three simple rules: buy Bitcoin, buy it at cost and HODL that shit. Just hold it!" said Saddington.

While China and Russia are pushing to ban and regulate Bitcoin, Saddington is not worried
“The cryptocurrency market is immeasurable. We are seeing governments adopt it. It’s an unstoppable spaceship that is going to the moon. It’s going to the moon, guys!" said Saddington.

When we asked him about buying the Lamborghini, he told us many might say it was not a smart move. He doesn’t advise anyone selling his or her Bitcoins, but in this case, he just wanted to be the first to buy a Lamborghini Huracan with Bitcoin.

“I love cars. If I weren’t so into Bitcoin, I would be building more cars. I continue to modify cars, as an engineer, until I have them exactly tuned to the way I want them,” said Saddington.

For Motorcars of Georgia, this was a first and may not be the last.

“It certainly is the first time a wonderful customer has asked to pay in Bitcoin. Because the car was on consignment, it was not a problem!” said Grant Van Brewer of Motorcars of Georgia.

Grant Van Brewer doesn’t shy away from Bitcoin being a way to pay in the future.

“Our customers always make it easy for us as our goal is to make it easy for them. We are a dealership that works on relationships. We can make things happen between highly motivated sellers and buyers!” said Van Brewer.

Van Brewer has gotten to know Peter Saddington over the years and says he really is the Bitcoin expert.

“I would always love to work with Peter again. He’s a great guy, full of energy and ideas. He did most of the heavy lifting when it came to transferring Bitcoin and all we did was ensure that he had a wonderful experience getting an awesome ride. Enjoy your new Bitcoin Lambo, Peter!

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You even swung a deal on the purchase by selling them on the projected value of BTC over the next couple of years huh? Nicely done.


I love this coverage! It needs more press! Why? Because bitcoin and cryptocurrency and blockchain will rule the world.


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Technically it should end up costing you at least $40K in todays money because you will be best advised to pay any capital gains tax owing. Still well played sir!


The now $550,000 Lambo.


Not quite.
The now $550,000 ($578,700 as of today) 45 BTC

well enjoy your BTC gainz Grant Van Brewer.
I hope got the opportunity to HODL some of those BTC.
You did take your sales commission in BTC, didn´t you? :question:


That new build tho: