#TheBitcoinLambo is Here! - Start your Bitcoin Engines! The Bitcoin Lamborghini



Yoooooooooooooooo! Congratulations, Peter! hahahaaa!

I had a dream last night you let me borrow the lambo! LOL!

BTC GOING UP! Che che che cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeea!


NOICE!!! Shared to my Facebook Pages!


@peter Why u dont put n bitcoin logo/Symbol in the Front of the car for people to know whos coming and put n doge logo in back of the car for people to know whos is going hahahah


Missed the promo? Go to the top!
Or watch it here:


Even more awesome! Let’s do this.


The powah!


I’ve never tweeted/retweeted as much as I have today in my entire life.



this gives me chill dogelord wow!!! change the logo to doge haha


Congrats! That’s one epic machine. :beers:


So happy for you! Love to see people reach their goals! Grats brother!


More news!


Keep posting on those forums yo!


Wasn’t the first Lambo bought with Bitcoin from 2013? I distinctly remember the news article. It was purchased in Long Beach, CA I think for like 215 btc.


Yes. This is the FIRST HURACAN LAMBO - I probably should have said that during the interview… frankly… the trolls have been out! Calling me out on it… yes yes yes. Not the FIRST lambo…
but the first HURACAN lambo bought with bitcoin. :slight_smile:


Hah ok. Either way, congrats. It’s great to see bitcoin being SPENT haha, and stories like this are good for the sentiment of the community as well as curious people on the sidelines.


Wow 215 bitcoin in today’s USD that is something like $1.2 Million.


I cannot wait for another 360 view in your new ride.


I just got this info from an article Dec 2013 (business insider)

"The 2014 Lamborghini Gallardo was purchased sight unseen from a dealership in Newport Beach, Calif., Tuesday.

The buyer, from 4chan’s technology board /g/, spent 216.8433 bitcoins—or $209,995—on the yellow supercar."

Not sure how much that Lamborghini Gallardo is worth today but I doubt that it appreciated 1 Million dollars? As long as you got the Bitcoin to burn how cool is that to be driving your dream car for $115 original investment. Who knows this guy could have only picked up his Lambo for $15 dollars.

Buy that Bitcoin.


Thx @peter I make his lambo to kept me in the track