#TheBitcoinLambo is Here! - Start your Bitcoin Engines! The Bitcoin Lamborghini



Hahaha I know what you mean!


Dude, I missed this and stoked for you. I know you’ve been sitting on that coin for years and as you said, once in a while you have to remind yourself why you’re doing it so ain’t no shame in that. To the mooon!


Duuuuude!! This is explosion in the pants on all levels! So fresh bro :ok_hand:t5:
Mini dooge lord in that green lambo though - he looked pretty chuffed with himself :smile:
Well done…! the grind is real… the dream is real… the journey is real :v:t5:


Thank you sir. It was about time… regardless of bitcoin smashing past $5000 3 days later… … … :doge:


Going Viral :earth_americas: @peter


do you have a direct link?


So this was shared on FB to the Neo community -






Good morning Peter.
Glad to know you and have met you in this cyber space.
Enjoy your lambo & have a safe drive.
Hope you get your private jet soon when BTC moons & make a video about it just like Lambo :smiley:


WOW… Nice going buddy!!! Congrats and enjoy!






Thanks guys for joining the stream for the announcement!


More pictures!



Congratulations on the new ride Peter.

Recommended additions for the new spaceship:

  • Uniden R3 GPS Enabled Extreme Range Radar & Laser Detector (Destroys the V1, Redline, Redline EX).
  • Waze iOS app (This is a given).
  • AL Priority (Laser Defense).
  • BlackVue DR750S-2CH (60fps. Phenomenal low-light performance).
  • BlackVue Power Magic Battery Pack (B-112) (12 hours of power).


Congrats @peter!!! I wanted to ask how did the transaction go? Did you pay them with BTC or did you convert the BTC into cash and then pay? Also, I was pondering Taxes for the car. If you paid in BTC was any taxes involved? Let me know!