#TheBitcoinLambo is Here! - Start your Bitcoin Engines! The Bitcoin Lamborghini



The Pope got a lambo too…but it goes to auction with his sign. Somebody should buy this too with BTC :smiley: I am not ready for this yet…


those blessings though…



By 2020 how many BTC will Musk want for one of these beasts?


YOOOOOOOOOO I opened up Yahoo and peter is on the front page LOL


This is a big news site or not? :star_struck: :bitrocket::bitrocket::bitrocket::bitrocket:
They replaced the main article…but it was there! Cool. Congratulations @peter this was a very good investment to communicate about BTC and the Pub. They linked it in the article!



After a month of ownership.


@peter I actually joined this site after speaking with Rick from Y! Finance. He said you built a community based on this idea. Glad you got your dream car. I hope to join the club some day. Maybe not a Lambo, but a trip around the world would be nice.


so glad you’re here @brianfediuk! let us know how we can help you get started!


Maybe you should buy BTC for $400k to cut the losses :smiley:


I’d say I’m already started, and since being pushed away from some subreddits for respectfully challenging some ideas, I’ve found this place to be a better community to help learn and teach others.


reddit isn’t a conversation, by definition. it’s a swamp.


More excellence!




Just revving. Pretty much the whole time.
“Do it again!”


Those sunglasses though


Thinking of Bitcoin Mustang… No no no I should HODL.
Thinking of Bitcoin Porsche …No no no I better HODL :slight_smile:


Hehe… I plan on HODLing out for a Bitcoin Bimmer, myself. :grin: There is an M5 somewhere in my near future.


It is to be able to have a strong hand when you know you can afford one :slight_smile: