Hello Cryptonation Fam!
I got the permission from Peter to sell these at
Thank you again Sir.

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Available only in the US for now…
Please checkout the other stuff as well while you’re in there.


legit! looking good!



Instead of wasting time writing code, you should get into modelling :stuck_out_tongue:


Looking good mate!

Stay Fishy


that could be some awkward modeling… i think you’d lose business if he were modeling…


He´s better at HODLing :troll:


@peter model why not Sir. If you want to, take a picture of yourself wearing it and I’ll put it on the site.:slight_smile:


I can do it. With both shirts?


Cool yes! TheBitcoinPub shirt, front view. You can even wear that cool glass if you want.:slight_smile:

Daily Exercise Thread — :muscle:

Love this shirt and got it fast! Thanks Jeremy



You’re very welcome Sir!
Thank you.


I have one of the Bitcoin Pub shirts as well and I absolutely love it. Shipped to me really quickly and the fit and feel is perfect. Super soft cotton and the logo looks awesome. I’m proud to wear this and rep the Bitcoin pub to all of those who don’t know what they’re missing. If you are a hardcore pub crawler then you need to have one of these.


Thank you so much Sir. I’m glad you love it.
I do the same I’m proud to wear it, its good for conversation opening… Yes send them to the Pub, grow our cryptonation family here.


@Jonjarash Jeremy, any chance of a custom mug? Perhaps an ETC or BTC mug instead of icon?


Hello Sir GregT,
Yes, which do you prefer more the BTC or ETC?


Will private message you. Thanks!


Okay Sir.


This is more of a Mindset/Personal Development… I believe @peter B90X had mentioned in some of his videos.
Get Yours Here
Get Yours Here
Get Yours Here


Love it! Boom boom boom!


Hey those Chain Gang Shirts are TIGHTTTTTTTTTTTTT AF - Logo for Design

Just received my 2 t-shirts (Icon & HODL) from JonJarash and I gotta say, i love them. The t-shirts are a perfect fit and the fabric is really soft.