TheBitcoinPub/YEN MEET-UP with PETER & JOHN - Oct 6th 2018 - Atlanta!



I Communicated with Peter , Ravensky, and other Pub-members and confirmed that A proper Meet-up of the TheBitcoin.Pub members may be in order


A chance to meet-up with peter and other members in Atlanta, GA
October 6th, 2018 . Saturday 8pm.


of-course why do you have to ask? We gonna do it bigly over some Korean F&$ing BBQ it’s gonna be at

K-BBQ Factory in Duluth, GA (peter recommended this place . rated #1 KBBQ in atlanta, comparable to LA korean town BBQ)

Please respond yes or No in the reply post… so i can keep a head count

What comes after Saturday?:

Glade you asked. So what can we do on sunday? Go to the car show at the Caffeine and Octane to check out the exotic car sunday morning :slight_smile:

Peter mentioned the car show will be at the Perimeter Mall area
So you may want to look for a hotel around there if you’re traveling
unless you’re driving your own lambo to the show

Check this location:

The Gear: (voluntary/optional if you wanna be OG)

There is a new yen official logo hoodie made by our pub member


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Peter when are you going to do a pub meet up in Florida? Hopefully Miami 😀 Or West Palm Beach 😀
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The Atlanta Blockchain Conference Notes

I’ll be there. Only 6 hour drive from me.


i will be there also .

Count 2


I’ll be there. My booins will be attending as well.


nice so that would be

Total Count = 4


Im gonna be doin whatever it takes to fly my ass outta Cali to be there! So count me in!


Should rent out the whole space and have bouncers. No Yen apparel, No Entry! Lol!


i guess this means i’m going.


haha so far

the total count is 6 now .

very nice :slight_smile:

we should all wear thug-life sun glasses to be OG


If Peters there I’m there. I will be bringing the hookers but no coke.
From Maine to Atlanta…maybe I will hike the Appalachian trail…?

I have a friend that has opened The Alden in Atlanta it will give me an excuse to check out his digs…!


Kayla has a link for the glasses.


Hookers and blow, nicccce…lol
That was the name of my neighbors wifi in Las Vegas.


I think they sell them on amazon let me find the link: )


Yep, thats them for sho


once the time is getting close

we will tally up the count… and make a reservation at K-BBQ factory … it will be freaking kick ass :slight_smile: maybe get a private party room


Count me in & the booins :sunglasses:


This looks like a great reason for a road trip from Oklahoma, count me in! Anyone on the way that needs a ride!?!?! LOL Holla! ROAD TRIP! OKC > Little Rock > Memphis > Brimingham > Atlanta > Prison! (Not too old to have a little fun and mischief!) Joking about the Prison part! Or was I?


October starting to look good with reservations. We may have to build a “Burning Man” and sacrifice a local banker, hehehe


Wow nice

Total count = 10


Monday morning I will call to US embassy and I will apply for visa, whole processes if successful will take up to a month. I believe, and can’t wait. Yooo