TheBitcoinPub/YEN MEET-UP with PETER & JOHN - Oct 6th 2018 - Atlanta!



possible 1 to 3 ppl. I would love to meet all of you!!!


Room block is at Courtyard Marriott. Will send out room block info once the hotel confirms it for me and will let folks know when they can start making reservations. The rates will be as follows:

Comes with free breakfast buffet for up to 4 guests.
complimentary shuttle (2 mi radius and will take to MARTA Dunwoody or Sandy Springs Station to go downtown as well as Caffeine and Octane)
free parking for those driving in
free wifi

$89.00/ night plus taxes and fees for either one King or two Queens
$124.00/night plus taxes and fees for one Double Suite… 2 Queens plus separate living area with pull out couch (saw there was a family so wanted to throw in a suite but can add another suite or switch room type, if needed)


Is this meetup just one big cultural appropriation experiment?



FYI - I am landing in Atlanta on Saturday, October 6th @ 12:32 pm. I rented a small car for the day. If anyone is landing within 15-30 minutes or so of me and needs a lift from the airport to the hotel let me know. I think I’ll be able to fit 1 or 2 other passengers. Maybe 3 if everyone has a small amount of luggage.


Fam… I will come next year! I can’t come this year, I just can’t. I will come next year I give you my word!

I’m sorry


Do what you can brotha


What’s up guys! Just joined and in Atlanta. Seems like a few +1’s fell off so if there is room I’d love to grab some KBBQ. If not I might just catch you at the car show after.


can someone explain to me what ya’ll mean by korean bbq?


Great question.

Peter will be the best person to ask.

What I know, Korean BBQ is something worth doing it. Also many times Peter describes that way His projects, something what or who He’s working on.

After all it’s great food.

Remember that Peter has 3 masters degrees, and only the Booins and John knows what’s inside His scientific brain!


xerocoin. yes you can join :slight_smile:

I’ll count you in…

total count is 57 now. (last entry Xerocoin)

what is your discord name Xerocoin?


Keys, I just set it up and linked it. It is the same as the pub name XeroCoin. Thanks for the reminder.


Yo I’ll be there. Thanks for keeping the event organized. Anyone who wants to hangout while I’m there, hit me up on discord.


I’m in. Looking forward to seeing everybody!


so excited…


that face is priceless


Newbie here, I’m in, just a short ride away for me here in Atlanta.



Room Block is finally ready!!!
Whoop Whoop!!

Sorry it took so long. It took them forever to load the room block into their system correctly but it’s finally here! I have just made my reservation so I know the link is working.^ATLPE`BCPBCPA|BCPBCPB|BCPBCPC|BCPBCPD`89.00-124.00`USD`false`1`10/5/18`10/7/18`9/14/18&app=resvlink&stop_mobi=yes

All reservations have to be made by Sept 15th.

Any rooms not reserved will be taken out of the block. I will check in weekly to see where we are with the block and to see if we need to add additional rooms. If we run out of a certain type of room, please let me know as the customer service rep stated we could add additional or switch room types.

  • Free **continental breakfast for up to 4 guests.
    Customer service rep keeps labeling it as a buffett, however, other than some eggs I don’t see anything more than continental so that’s what I’m calling it. Breakfast is from 8:00am-9:30am.

  • Complimentary shuttle (2 mi radius and will take to MARTA Dunwoody Station or Sandy Springs Station as well as Caffeine and Octane)

  • free parking for those driving in

  • free wifi

$89.00/ night plus taxes and fees for either one King or two Queens

There is one Queen suite that we can book but it’s not on this link because I wanted to go ahead and send this out since it’s taken them so long to get everything uploaded in their system correctly. I will send an email and have them add the Queen Suite for $124 if we are for sure going to use it. If not, then I won’t bother. Just let me know if anyone needs it.

Please let me know if you experience any problems.

Again, sorry it’s taken so long.

I can’t wait to meet everyone!


Thanks for all that you do! @Isukanda001 Looking forward to the meetup!


What’s the address of the meetup … need to figure out what hotel is nearby… I got Marriott points to burn…hopeful I can use it or it’s A parkinglot pimping relapse :joy: