TheBitcoinPub/YEN MEET-UP with PETER & JOHN - Oct 6th 2018 - Atlanta!



We have a room block at Courtyard which is Marriott and can use Marriott points. See my post above.


Check the OP



Here is the info again @nobody


I have checked in with the Marriott Courtyard and there are only 3 reservations for our room block. Just want to remind everyone these rates and block will terminate on Sept 15th. I thought these rates were a pretty good deal for the location.

Please don’t forget to make your reservation if you havent already.


Fight ticket bought! see u there cryptonations!!


I’m one of the 3! @Isukanda001


Me too lololol. @heavilyarmedclown


just booked our room with the hotel, we plan to stay Saturday through Monday there, look forward to it


Have you booked your room yet?


Have you booked your room yet? Any issues with using points?


Apologies friends October date will not work… family priorities trumped my trip. I hope to make the next meetup.


no problem buddy, family comes first


Sup Guys!!! it’s only few weeks away before the Atlanta Meet-up !!! you guys ready for this shit?, you guys gonna party-up and take shots and drink yourself silly at the KBBQ factory?

let’s DO IT!!!


Ha - Can’t wait. Really looking forward to it. I probably won’t drink too much bc I have a crazy early flight on Sunday morning…but if someone had some shmuriwanna around I’d be happy to contribute to the fund that makes that happen lol.

Really looking forward to meeting a bunch of the pub members. Thanks again for putting this together.


Hola Mis Amigos!!!

I just want to remind everyone there is less than a week to make reservations using hotel block before they release the rooms.

Please let me know if you have any issues!



nice! I might actually go to this one!


I would love to travel all the way from Turkey to join you guys but I gotta show up for work :cry:


Yes, I plan to attend.


If y’all are saying you’ll be attending, we need to make sure to lock it in.

I feel like we’re pretty much at that point.
Many people who say they are coming, won’t.

Last minute sign-ups don’t help us on admin.


My wife and I are IN. Airfare and lodging purchased. Oct 5-7.