TheBitcoinPub/YEN MEET-UP with PETER & JOHN - Oct 6th 2018 - Atlanta!



If you are in send me a pm/dm for final confirmation

I have the list
And su does too we can do a final
Head count


Instead of pm/dm, can we do this form instead.

That way, I can capture t-shirt sizes too!


Yeah do what su says :slight_smile: she is the boss


Just confirmed my approval of going!


Does anybody already have a rental car booked during our meet up who is willing to carpool? I’m having to readjust my plans from driving cross-country to getting a plane ticket and needing a rental car/uber or a car pool. My best flight itinerary is Friday October 5th arrival and a Monday October 8th departure.


Also I should update that my plus one cancelled on me. So I will be coming by myself.


Yes Grammaton :slight_smile: please let su know fill out the form she posted above
so she can update the head count and get you the right size T-shirt

Check with RavenSky he may able to give you a ride



Updated for Su… looking forward to seeing you all there


Are there enough of us that will be around Friday evening for a pre-meet? I got a room for Friday just in case. Lolol. I’m driving in so can be in either Friday evening or Saturday afternoon.


welcome to the family @sukim
One day, I’d love to hear how you joined the club.
Maybe @Doge will tell us the story.


That sounds like a great question to ask on our livestream!


yes, the room is booked.


So i guss you guys need me since you are throwing a party. What hotel do you guys recommend?


Room block is at Courtyard Marriott. I’m sure there is a bar in the hotel and there are several in the area.


anyone hanging out on Sunday and not leaving until Monday?


My plan is to be in Atlanta for 6 days since im flying in from abroad.


Flights and hotel reservation done, see you all in 3 weeks, thanks for the hotel links


Grammaton and I are flying back monday


Room booked for Fri-Sun. Looks like I’m driving the 12hrs there :dizzy_face: plane tickets went up sadly lol.


Finally got my flight and room booked.
Friday 5th - Sunday 7th