TheBitcoinPub/YEN MEET-UP with PETER & JOHN - Oct 6th 2018 - Atlanta!



I’m gonna look at flights for me and the wife right now…i’ll let you know if i can swing it coming from the great state of Texas!


flight booked. i’ll be there plus one!


Mind looking into a group discount at a hotel for those flying in?

Don’t know about personal finances. Keeping things cheap but homey is always my goal. Holiday inn type shit.


very NICE GUYS!!!..awesome interest in this… this is gonna kick ass :slight_smile:

So adding total count now = 13 (last entry is tamp+1) will continue to keep tally


i will try to make this as well … and bring a friend. +2 for me.


Sweet, Looking forward to meeting you John.


Yes. Oh you bad 20 ch


We will also be giving away massive swag too!


We need someone video
ing this meet up. Gotta document the show


I can get a local dude who can video it all. Maybe we can have him also video some testimonials from you guys about how crypto is changing your life.


alright total count = 16 . (John+friend and peter rehm)


Or how we bought crypto instead of fixing up our cars to get there, lol!


Please add me and my guy.


I will contact hotels for group rate info as well. Just let me know


Thank you for doing that dear.


I would suggest looking in the perimeter mall area as that will be where the car show is on Sunday.


That might be a good time to give away the art work Peter, like raffle or something.


Ill look into designing an art piece for the meet up we can give away.


Caffeine and Octane location link updated in the Meet-up info post

so this is gonna be a full out fun break for everyone it’s been a tough last 6 month…

I think somebody even mention swags, beer pong, sleeping in the lambo… all the fun crazy ideas has been thrown around discord chat and patreons.

I think getting a rylo 360 camera to record the whole thing so nobody has to film anything :slight_smile:


Will start getting group rate info. Need to know if peeps coming Fri-Sun or just Sat. Everyone pls let me know how many days you need.