TheBitcoinPub/YEN MEET-UP with PETER & JOHN - Oct 6th 2018 - Atlanta!



I would just tell the hotel to expect fri-sat- and sun bookings, but not be in charge of doing the booking for anyone. Everyone needs to book themselves. keep it simple.


I agree. Hotel will give me the discount code that everyone will use and I will send out


Thats the way to do it.


Tamp, where do you live? I’m about 45 mins. south of Houston.


I’m in Waco. I go through the south part of Houston frequently on my way to visit family in southern Louisiana. I also have an uncle in Friendswood.


Ok…I lived in Waco a long time ago to attend TSTI which I think is now TSTC. My aunt and uncle live there now. I live down in Lake Jackson/Surfside area. I cant wait for the meetup…hoping to combine it with a college visit for my daughter.


In . needa meet up the cryptonations…


That’s awesome! Feel free to holler at me if ever you come visit your aunt and uncle. In the meantime, looking forward to meeting you in person in Oct!


@Dustin_Matthews Bro . u comin?


I’ll be there! Flying out from Portland, OR solo…unless someone says they are bringing kids, then I’ll bring my 16 year old daughter. Otherwise, it will be just me! Looking forward to it!


Ok count = 18 ( last two Sherpa and siggy). Are you in uncle chuck?


Yep…should be me and the wifey.
May bring my daughter and make a college visit there as well


Alright total 22 ( uncle chuck+1 and isukanda+1)


Wow, thats alot of people.


We gonna fill up the restaurant and everyone eating Korean bbq it’s gonna be hot with the meat sweats


Well your daughter is gonna be in the financial revolution might as well haha


I would wish I have a mother as cool as siggy


Count me. I live in Atlanta and just got to know about this site. I am interested.


awesome . Mohamedt you’re in

Total Count now = 23


Ill MD boss lady. She needs to be there.