TheBitcoinPub/YEN MEET-UP with PETER & JOHN - Oct 6th 2018 - Atlanta!



make sure someone let her know… i know she goes on peters every stream sooo…


Yes, I will be there. Thanks!


Nice bobj

This will bring the count to 24


after we grub how bout we move the party to an undisclosed run down warehouse where i will set up my gear, put out a table of free chain gang merch, have mollys for everyone and unlimited orange juice all night long and rave til the sun comes up? :thinking::rofl:


I would love to be there and meet you all, but i’m moving to Amsterdam from London for a while but will keeping my eye on developments.
Never say never!
All the same i will be catching up in the Pub Discord and Patreon to keep in check with the Crypto Nation


Did you find a good flight?


95% Yes sir! I need to start checking airfare. :wink:


The good ole days my friend, lol! Remember them well!


you coming? so i can keep a head count


i take you coming too :slight_smile: … since you are on all the streams… :slight_smile: what’s better than streams? hangout in real life hahaha


I think 360 cameras plus Peter’s film guy. Make vids available for editing to discord, pub and patreon, have video editing contest to make the most epic crypto vid ever and make it go viral! Adoption will boom with that kind of marketing.


Add the fact that everyone wears crypto swag, yen, pub, chain gang, etc… Would also be great footage for side hustle campaigns.


agreed ma man…ds…ksjfsjfjsdlk


Yep, non-stop southwest Austin to Atlanta, $470 for both flights. Please come!


Hey :wave: Count me in :wink: I’m doing a lot of traveling this year but I’m going to plan it (assuming I get approval from work). I’ll keep you posted but Yes for now!


Just saw the new shift schedule at work, moving to graves Sat thru Tues. Gonna have to get approval to take off from work as well now… If I have to, I’ll call off and tell them I’ve got explosions of the mouth and pajis. :mask: :smiling_imp:


can’t confirm it just yet but this sounds so much fun…


alright dustin neo matthew is in :slight_smile:

Total count = 25


Lets set up someone from the IRS to go over tax rules and obligations on crypto…

Let’s also have a typed out sheet our your social and brief description of our activities in crypto and give that to the IRS rep so they can denote our accounts that we are enthusiasts trying to do it by the book

Being proactive will be appreciated


IRS works 9-5.

So 8pm is a ghost town in government agency

Not gonna work sorry