TheBitcoinPub/YEN MEET-UP with PETER & JOHN - Oct 6th 2018 - Atlanta!



Unless we recruit one to join pub and attend meet up! Lol


Last count we have is 25, right? That’s more than enough to get a group discount. I’ll start sending emails this week.


@Peter_Rehm is a CPA pretty sure he’s gonna be there.


Hotels near the mall.


I will be there and provide guidance on taxes if asked. But I want to see the cars!!!



That would be ill-advised.

Anyway, your written statement provided to any IRS guy at the show would probably be quickly discarded as too many people think that meeting an IRS agent is an opportunity to get back at a person they dislike. The IRS guy/ girl would immediately discount your statement.


Thank you @Peter_Rehm


Proactively requesting lol


I’m bringing mine! At least 3 of them lol…ages 17, 8, 4 :smile: #cryptokids #cryptofam


Oh my that sounds like all type of hell/torture lol :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Ok guys

Boss lady +3 are in

Total count = 29


I’m looking into flights now as well since it would be a 12 hr drive hahaha.
Might just be me flying solo and maybe the wife,
Just put me down for 2 just in case.


Alright bud +2

Total count now 31


it looks like we are going to have like a blockchain conference… yooooo #CryptoNationAnnualMeetUp
By the time the meetup happens, Theboitcoin.Pub will already be a year old.


That’s right yoooooooooo


I’ll probably skip kbbq, but will be there for the car show! :hugs:


Me and my wife (Lorand and Tereza) are planning to come and potentially bring our oldest son Toni. So add 3.
Thank you


Your Booins…has a great sense of humor…! Of course she knows that i am spewing forth crap. I don’t even know a hooker…nor do I know a coven of hookers. What do you call a group of hookers? I’m gonna go with gaggle or coven


Count me in, most likely just for that kbbq, maybe car show if I can squeeze it. My girlfriend may come, none-coiner for now but encourages all of my craziness. So add 2 to be safe.

Also we are local so no need to add us for the hotel group, unless you want to use the larger number for an even better rate :sunglasses:


Last count is at 34.