TheBitcoinPub/YEN MEET-UP with PETER & JOHN - Oct 6th 2018 - Atlanta!



i’m going to show up. not too far of a drive.


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Booking with CheapAir?


Nope I prefer to HODL my BTC lol.


Don’t you mean 37 :sunglasses: :fist_right::fist_left:
Looking forward to seeing everyone.


Cool thanks

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Count me and @CryptoDad in. We will leave the little doge at home.




That makes total 39 now


Yoooooooooooooooo! I want to go! If Peter gives me a shout out at the next Sunday Sermon I will probably go :wink: lol :laughing: Only if I get to sit near Peter at the KBBQ. Will there be an opportunity to drive the BTC Lambo with a month of insurance monies in Trezor on hand? lol :grin:


So are you coming or not :stuck_out_tongue: amibiguous reply with stipulations doesn’t help


Wish I could go too. But I’m in Australia.


We would love to have you there if u could


I really want to go, have been wanting to meet Peter, John, and the entire Pub for a good while now. I should wait until the end of August to confirm. It kind of depends on my Visa situation in Europe then and September.


Same, well i’m in NZ…


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Oh sorry I meant, same to Racolini, that I can’t make it. Live too far, near Australia


Ok. Premature count

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Cant confirm yet but wife and i are trying to make it work to be there.


Keep us updated


count me in and 1 extra person as well.