TheBitcoinPub/YEN MEET-UP with PETER & JOHN - Oct 6th 2018 - Atlanta!



Alrigh bud

Total count = 41


Wow, 41 peeps. Nice


my wife is coming so

Total count is now 42 … wow we are exploding at the seams.

by the way in have confirmed the reservation at KBBQ-factory to accomodate 40+ people. so :slight_smile: i think KBBQ is a greenlight and a go . LET’S HAVE THE MEATS!!!


We keep averaging 42 people a month we’re gonna have to reserve the whole restaurant to ourselves. Lol :wink:


is there a deadline for a headcount?


Dang just seen this. Flying back to Korea from Toronto on that day. Lame. I’ll try and make the next one (ICON $100 party in Seoul??!!)


buddy :slight_smile: I already called and placed a reservation at the restaurant and they said good for up to 45 people

already done reservation under the one “”


soon actually so if you want in… let us know it’s feeling up fast.


Met Peter in Dallas and had a blast, I will bring my booins Count 2 in.


Ok. buddy

Official count is 44 now


i’ll wait to confirm after the 49th person :rofl:


I would say there is a 90% chance I can make this meet up.

Put me down for Yes.


KBBQ @ Atlanta Oct 6 RSVP confirmed I’ll be there :nerd_face:


this itself is becoming a conference :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Ok total count now 46


Okay Pub Peepur…
Hotel update! I have a hotel option for our block of rooms for Oct. 5th-Oct 7th at the Courtyard by Marriott based upon best room rate as well as the better free breakfast option, shuttle service and overall customer service. They were more responsive and eager to have our business and seem to be more accommodating to changes and group needs. Several of the other hotels were either unresponsive, higher rates and/or just weren’t accommodating.

If people need an additional day, please let me know and I’ll see if I can get the same rate for you. Or if we need to change to more of a certain type of room we can do that. They were very accommodating.

I have put a poll up to let me know if this is a viable option. Please vote this week so I can let the hotel know.

** Courtyard by Marriott Perimeter Center:

Comes with free breakfast buffet for up to 4 guests.
complimentary shuttle (2 mi radius and will take to MARTA Dunwoody or Sandy Springs Station to go downtown as well as Caffeine and Octane)
free parking for those driving in
free wifi

$89.00/ night plus taxes and fees for either one King or two Queens
$124.00/night plus taxes and fees for one Double Suite… 2 Queens plus separate living area with pull out couch (saw there was a family so wanted to throw in a suite but can add another suite or switch room type, if needed)

  • Courtyard by Marriott looks good
  • Find another option

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holyyy… ticket prices are hella expensive for this weekend! does expedia know there’s a pub meetup happening?!


Yo! I’m crashing errrthang! The restaurant, the car show, the hotel. I’m going to just appear everywhere like ETH gas fees. I can’t do a hoodie thought, brotha get shot wearing a hoodie in FL.


Alright bitnative

Count 47 now


we plan to come in on eve of 6th and leave on 8th, and the Courtyard is great !
edit, just bought airplane tickets, we might have to bring our luggage with us to K-BBQ to make it by 8pm.