TheBitcoinPub/YEN MEET-UP with PETER & JOHN - Oct 6th 2018 - Atlanta!



That’s awesome we don’t mind azeus:)


The hotel is very close and I’m sure you can check your luggage, if needed.


I’m quite sure Expedia isn’t the only one now - - Google, A.I bots prob know all things - - /see/hear/analyze everything - all the meta lol… #yikes #TheSingularityIsNear
CheapAir is another option for flights, and they take crypto…

Oh and yes we’re all prob mining #monero right now :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :robot: :desktop_computer: #machinelearning


Yooo who/when/where was that in Florida?? I just came across an album that I really liked by XXXtentacion and when I went to look him up and find his other music I saw he was just shot and killed in Deerfield Beach area - so sad damn - only like 20 years old I think… :disappointed:


ok. we are gonna cap the count at 50

We are at 48 now. (since there is a new team member that is starting)


Going to go ahead and reserve a plus 1. Will update if anything changes.


Ok bud total count is at max now 50 (last entry grammationcleric)

Won’t be accepting more headcount


Sure the count isnt 49? Cause I was already in the count. Last post said 48, and I reserved a plus 1.


When you say plus 1 it means you plus one

But just say amount me in next time :slight_smile:

Ok total count 49 due to premature counting haha


On that note. Please add a plus one for me. :grin: I forgot to mention previously.


Ok now it’s really 50 head count total

50/50 filled I will update the restaurant on the final number and we will see you guys on oct 6th


Come to LA! with the LAMBO


Gah procrastination. Deff need to do the next one. I should have just said I was going.:frowning:next time


I think you’ll be fine my man.


pro tip: say you are going anyway. most events ive ever organized have people who don’t show for whatever reason or another.
my last annual “guys trip” with a group of friends of mine had 6 people of the 12 that were supposed to go not wind up being able to make it, and that’s even after they paid for their pane tickets and air bnb.

it’ll be fine.


I sent you a pm check it


13 hour drive… i just looked it up from nj. bummer.


Yoooo, I’ll be there! I am going to stay at my little sister’s place but im still down to crash pre BBQ pool party at hotel, and then if Korean BBQ is full I will just get drinks and shill Western coins lol. I’m bringing cookies for dessert. Probably do coffee and Octane. If all goes well maybe I buy something before then for a race afterwards :wink: lol October 6th is a Saturday so I’m also open for K BBQ afterparty. Does anybody else like electronic dance music? I’ll look some places up in ATL. :smiley: Would be so fun to have a dance party with y’all. This weekend is shortly after my foundation’s 6month anniversary too. Should be a good time!


Hotel Reservation Booked! I’m driving to Atlanta yall!


Dang! I missed the party. Completely my fault.

Was 50 the limit? I was just looking at flights but don’t want to rock the boat if the cap was 50.

I don’t know how I missed this. Eesh…