TheBitcoinPub/YEN MEET-UP with PETER & JOHN - Oct 6th 2018 - Atlanta!



Should be fine. Mostly patreons. So it helps to build some relationship with them now.


Thanks, Peter.

I’m going to look into booking hotel, car and flight and will let the group know.

Sorry to be so late!


Someone already setup an discounted block rooms scroll up the thread


Yep - Thanks, Keys. Appreciate it. Courtyart by Marriot Perimeter Center - Got it.

Going to check in w/ the hotel as soon as I can get off this conference call.

Damn work…always getting in the way of the cryptoverse.


what is the hotel info again?

and is there a specific name we have to reference to get the group rate?


I’m in! Reserved flight, hotel and car. Really looking forward to this.


Scroll up the thread you will find it


Alright guys

Travel safe will see you guys in oct. if you guys want pre kbbq party or after kbbq party let’s vote


yo @Isukanda001 i suppose i’m going to do the hotel instead of an airbnb (just in case an after party breaks out)
what info do i need to give the hotel to be apart of the group rate.

  • Yes to pre or post party
  • No

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I’m getting our group room block solidified and will send info out.


Let me know and I’ll book hotel asap.


i will probably start looking into tickets and hotels in August.


We’re staying at a holiday inn. I had free nights to take advantage of :joy:. Our room is booked tho.


There is a song about the Holidae Inn :smiley: hehehe


That was the intended point :joy: glad you caught it


My wife says she can’t come with me because she has to stay home to watch the puppy…Reasonable…except we don’t have a puppy.


My wife said that as well, but we get our new puppy saturday


The closer the meet up gets the more I can’t wait for it.


Just wanted to confirm we’re going to be two not three, as initially said, our son won’t be able to come. We are looking forward to meeting all of you, Lorand and Tereza L.