Theloop is hiring



For anyone looking for blockchain jobs in South Korea :kr:

ICON [ICX] | Discuss Upcoming ICOs, Wallets, dApps, and More

Honestly surprised we haven’t been head hunted by their shilling dept.


Wait…they’re not paying you? :joy:


WTF… I made fucking memes man :muscle:


Oh - I thought we were all getting $10k a month from them, is it just you that didn’t get the offer? :slight_smile:


The bastards have they forgot about this classic


Still growing. @Duttydirtz they’re looking for a recruiter bro.


Can’t read or write Korean though?

Google translate it is then :beetconnect:


Hmmm I live in Korea. Maybe I’ll throw a cheeky application at that communication role :sunglasses:


Nice! You could score us all the insider dev info. :wink:


Haha! Good stuff guys :joy:


So I got my wife to look at the ad in detail (she’s Korean), and she said that they explicitly state that experience in marketing is not necessary, just a passion for blockchain and the ICON project. Sounds like I’m gonna send my resume off tonight :sunglasses:


Fucking why not, good luck mate. If you don’t ask you don’t get :ok_hand: