These ‘Unknown’ ERC-20 DApp Projects Clocked the Most Developer Activity in August

Developer activity is a major indicator of the future success of a platform, especially those that focus on decentralized applications (DApps). Ethereum, the first DApps blockchain platform, has provided an environment for other ERC-20 projects that build DApps and smart contracts. Some of the projects are widely unknown, with no working mainnet or an imminent token swap.

According to crypto data website Santiment which ranked the top 10 ERC-20 projects in this category, mostly small projects that are not well known, but may be doing great work in the background, had the most developer activity in August.

Smaller projects with a bright future

The projects that made the list are mostly low ranking ones. In fact, none of them are among the top 50 by project ranking. Those that made the list include Storj, Status, Aragon, POA, Santiment, 0x, Loom, Raiden, Gnosis and Golem.

They have been working on different aspects of their projects, ranging from upgrades to preparation for launch of new products designed to make the DApps ecosystem more rewarding for users across the globe.

Potential to lead altcoin boom?

Prominent analyst Josh Rager recently said the altcoin projects set to lead an altcoin boom are projects that have not yet been listed on exchanges and are far from the top listed alts.

While most people may look at the top-ranking alts as potential investments, these smaller projects may come as a surprise, creating a major shift in the understanding of how the cryptocurrency space works.

Will any of the 10 listed make it to lead the next altcoin boom? Only time will tell.

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