This Guy Heated Bath Water With Bitcoin Mining and It Worked Too Well

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“Lee” used cryptocurrency mining ASICs to heat his bath, which turned the temperature up to 122 Fahrenheit.

For hobbyists trying to strike it rich with cryptocurrency mining, but who don’t have access to gigantic warehouses where they can park the hardware, making money means packing a bunch of very loud and very hot computers into your house or apartment.

Some at-home cryptocurrency miners are harnessing the heat that powerful mining equipment—called ASICs—give off. Motherboard’s Daniel Oberhaus used mining equipment (albeit graphics cards, not ASICs) to stay warm during a storm once, and a Redditor posting under the handle “gta3uzi” just took it to another level. In a Tuesday post by gta3uzi on the /r/Bitcoin subreddit, they revealed a system for heating hot water using ASICs so you can make money while you chill in a steamy bath.

“Imagine a crypto heated swimming pool, or anything else you could heat with the output from a small, medium, or large-scale mining operation,” gta3uzi wrote on Reddit. Some of their suggestions for using the hot water include creating a sauna, heating a home, drying one’s hair, and even cooking a steak sous vide.

When I reached gta3uzi over Reddit, and then over Twitter, he told me that his name is “Lee” and he works in IT in Alabama. Lee used to mine cryptocurrency with graphics cards, he told me in a message, and when he recently rediscovered an old digital wallet containing the proceeds from that endeavour he decided to reinvest in some ASICs. “After realizing how much waste heat is generated by this equipment I decided to try and recycle it in a productive way,” he told me.

Lee’s system—which he set up briefly in January—is “extremely simple,” he told me, and makes use of a water-to-air intercooler like you’d find in a supercharged car. Ambient air is pulled into the system to cool the ASICs, and the heated air is pushed through an intercooler that has water constantly being pumped through it from a source, like a bathtub. The heat is transferred to the water, and voila—computer-heated water suitable for anything you’d normally use hot water for. In fact, Lee told me, it worked a little too well.

“It was a little too effective if I left it running all day as it produced baths of up to 122F/50C,” he wrote. “Dangerously hot, especially as I have a few pets who could fall in if they somehow gained access to the bathroom. I took the experiment down to preserve the safety of my living space. Safety is an absolute priority to me.”

Lee said that his mining operation made a 10 percent profit after electricity costs before he turned it into a water heater. But after the ASICs eliminated his $80 heating bill in addition to generating new cryptocurrency, Lee estimated that his mine’s profit went from 10 percent to 47 percent. So would he try it again?

“Absolutely,” Lee wrote. “It is huge fun and I am constantly exploring new applications for this method of heat recycling and ASIC thermal management. My only limitation is that I do not have the space or resources to scale it beyond the small prototypes you see in the photos I provided.”


Buying a used hot tub off craigslist as I type… :beetconnect:


In Florida everyone has a pool, but not everyone can afford a pool heater. I think this guy is onto something. A pool heater is a very costly addition to any household. A mining operation can be costly, but also generate some income as well. If you combine all these ideas, you would end up with a pool heater running on ASICs that is also generating cryptocurrency to offset the electricity used to heat the pool. I’m curious how effective it would be for a 10,000-20,000 gallon pool. There is also the fact you’d have to deal with calcium and algae building up. Your pool would have to stay quite clean for this to be worthwhile and not cause a problem for the radiator system.

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Of coarse would have done this already, is there anything that guy has not already done when it comes to mining? This is awesome, thanks so much!

I just watched all 6 videos, I must admit I’m somewhat disappointed in the results. The last video I expect more data/substance. I was wanting some operational data to look at. Also his diagram seems confusing to me.

Do you notice anything wrong with that picture?

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Don’t worry, nobody will get electrocuted


That picture seems way over complicated. All you would need to do is drop the radiator into the pool no need for a fan and your pool’s circulation loop would not need to be changed nor would water need to mix. If you did it this way you would essentially have a loop like a DC that runs one closed loop and one open loop with cooling towers. Instead of having the the chiller in between the two loops you would use the swimming pool as a constant heat mass.

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LOL! He acted like an inventor! My respect for this guy. However, for such acts, people should have good covers for their hot tubs and they can find them if they follow the link. There are good covers which are able to protect your jacuzzi from all dirt and other bad things

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