This is a wild read: Accusations towards KuCoin

This is a long read, but wow… well worth it. Very hard to disagree with this guy’s logic, as his arguments are very well founded. Just goes to show you why people are flocking towards decentralized exchanges, and why the fall of centralized options will likely continue.


Decentralized exchanges really are the future, and I can’t wait to get off of centralized ones. It’s funny because they’re only doing it to themselves out greed and/or ignorance. It’s hard for them to do, but a lot of bigger centralized exchanges are in a position to become decentralized with an immense advantage, but they’re too entangled in third parties and lawmakers to do so.

I think this is where DID comes into play if a DEX wants to maintain regulatory certainty (which I’m almost positive what most investors are concerned about). Regulations on DEX and how they’ll “aid in money laundering” will most definitely be the next wave of FUD once they’re more prominent.

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