This is why Litecoin (LTC) has no future



Here’s the honest truth. Litecoin is less secure than bitcoin. Litecoin has less liquidity than bitcoin. Litecoin has less developers working on it than bitcoin. Litecoin has fewer distributed nodes than bitcoin. Litecoin has a less commoditized POW algorithm. Litecoin has less institutional and regulatory support.

Litecoin’s primary use case in times of bitcoin high on chain bottlenecking have been cheaper/faster transactions. That is not a selling point when it sacrifices security. That is certainly not a selling point when level 2 bitcoin solutions will scale faster, cheaper, and safer.

I’m not going to spend anymore time trying to convince you one way or the other, I’m just pointing out facts to you here.


I’m a grown ass man, so you don’t need to convince me of anything. What I’m stating is that there are options. Some people like Coke and others like Pepsi.

Same applies to cryptocurrencies…


no offense buddy. but we dont care how better. BTC might be than LTC. BTC is hijacked by 3 lunatics who owned enough of it to make it worthless. they are only into making their own forks into the next BTC.BTC is no longer decentralized nor a store of value. please bro wake up


:raspberrypi: Rootstock RSK will be using Solidity as the programming language of smart contracts on BTC. Because LTC is copying every development in the Bitcoin Ecosystem importing it to LTC, that means that LTC well be getting smart contracts all of which are compatible with another coin that you’re all completely sure won’t be there ETH. On top of all of this the only reason that you’re arguing for one versus another is because these chains are at war with each other. If there was one way to pay with any crypto you wanted lets say through atomic swaps it would no longer incentivize all of this crypto tribalism, all this infighting. An organism at war with itself is inherently doomed… Hopefully some of these developments will get us to spend more time coming together vs splitting apart. You wouldn’t be trying to make a case why something had to live or die in the future and instead you would just allow it to exist. As much as Solidity Is said by many to suck as a programming language. Solidity can still act as a unifier in a huge way between BTC,LTC,ETH. All of you are just judging LTC as a currency and not as a smart contract layer in the future… So like I said I think there’ll be developments that you’re not seeing or including in your model that will change your assessment for a lot of coins/projects not just this.:raspberrypi:


If I could choose to use any crypto instantaneously between BTC, LTC, and ETH, to achieve mutual ends, why would I choose the 2 out of the 3 with a weaker security layer?


@One_Man ok now im confused. I have some money to invest, I was Litecoin was on my list, after reading all this, I was like ok ill invest more in Nano. hmmmmm


@One_Man You are amking some valid points… How about invest in both…


yup. Couldn’t have said it better myself. LTC is literally one of the most useless coins in crypto. The type of shit that is created in bubbles


you still dont get it do you? LTC is not affected by the hashwar but on the other hand BTC is. you make your own choice. you can invest in other cryptos. but i see big potential in LTC in replacing BTC. i dont know how authentic the following screenshot is but it doesnt matter if you have followed his twitter long enough, you would be aware that he has had made similar threats in the past that he will crush BTC and BCH ABC to zero and he did demonstrate that he has that power because of the millions of BTC he holds


ETH is the root of the crypto buibbels by creating million of useless ICO’s. and made people like you buy at ATH…at this point, we just need LTC in my opinion…straight up payment with low fee…no other false, unpractical promises…


I bought eth at $7 wat. ETH is good because it’s not a copy and paste of bitcoin. If you want proof that ETH isn’t vaporware look at MKR. That has to be the best dapp on the platform.

We never needed LTC.


havent you checked the last report? no one use it’s dapp. ETH is a bubble. and too slow for any thing. (ask the binance CEO) i dont care if its a copy or not. BTC is crippled by the hashwar indefinitely. and LTC is the most established clone that could withstand the test of time. been running smoothly for 7 years straight.

this is no longer a matter if LTC or BTC is better.BTC is hijacked and could go to zero. LTC is the only option left.


The thing is about LTC is that it’s a complete copy cat of BTC. If BTC gets hijacked - so does LTC. If there’s a problem with BTC there’s also a problem with LTC. They’re literally the same thing. That’s why it is so useless.


have fun with your BTC bags ok? i will pray for you


I don’t have any bags but i hope you don’t lose too much in ltc




@One_Man How about nano then? and how can we forget Elastos with zilliqa just announced their Testnet launch today. We have so many options. The future is bright…


“Craig wright has millions of btc”

“The hashwar is a real thing”

“Miniscule hardforks with a fraction of the value, volume, and hashpower of the real BTC can affect its distributed governance.”

“Litecoin is our only hope”

Not sure if you’re trying to pump your bags or if you’ve had a little too much of the red stuff. @One_Man


I enjoyed reading all the discussion about LTC. Extremely good !! The article was very intense. I just realize how intense the emotions of anger, disillusionment and some kind of anxiety are in reference to Litecoin. Thanks to this forum I could feel this better. As a Psychologist, all these feelings look to me as the inner attitudes of an ex-boyfriend who is still unconsciously very attached to his old girlfriend. Cognitive and emotional attachment is really strong, as I can see !! This makes me think, paradoxically, that LTC could see great days again. I just felt very interested in investing in Litecoin in December !!


I came across this guy’s video from the Litecoin Summit.

At the very end of day 2 there was “The Bad Crypto Podcast” where Charlie Lee with others met some representatives from the United Nations Agenda 21.

They all signed an agreement to their commitment to Agenda 21.

Charlie Lee gives out caps with a Phoenix on it and Litecoin in its its mouth.

Then there’s Economist magazine with a pheonix and coin.!

What are your thoughts?

Here’s the short video.